Monday, February 23, 2009

Love of My Life

Things are still crazy around here, but I don't want to neglect to post about my wonderfully thoughtful Valentine's gift from my amazing husband.

I'm not a girl who enjoys flowers.  Sure - I'd prefer a landscape to be sprinkled with some colorful buds as opposed to weeds, but I've never liked to receive flowers as gifts.  I'm so not into flowers that I couldn't bring myself to hire a florist for my wedding...I just didn't really care about them at all - why waste money on a professional?  So, I ordered and arranged the flowers myself with the help of some of my bridemaids.  Among the many varieties of roses I ordered was a certain kind called "black baccarra" which I intended to use only in my own bouquet because they looked pretty cool online.  They came in and I just thought they were the neatest looking flowers - they were, for the most part, very black.  Call me depressing if you want to, but I really liked the black roses.  I hadn't seen anything like them before.  So, you get it....I liked the flowers.

Well, over a year and a half later, Clark still remembered that I liked those flowers, and he got me a bouquet of them for Valentine's Day.  How awesome is he?!  He totally deserves husband-praise for this one.  He scheduled them to be delivered after our New Orleans trip so that I'd be able to enjoy them longer.  Smart guy.

So here they are.  I married a wonderful man who can be very romantic when he wants to be.  I love him so much and have been so blessed to have him in my life and to have the priviledge of calling him my husband.  Thank you, Clark, I love you so much!

On our wedding day (pretty obvious, I guess)...the flowers are the dark ones in the bouquet.


Anonymous said...

Beautifual flowers, nice picture and you have a great husband!

Amy Mills said...

You guys had such a beautiful wedding!!! And Jess, you do have a great man there. Hope you have 75+ more wonderful Valentines together!!