Saturday, February 7, 2009

Don't Even TRY to Contact Me

Well, I did it.  I really did it.  But then, I failed (seems to be a recurring theme lately).

Yesterday I had an appointment with the optometrist for a contact lens exam due to my miserable photography failure a few weeks ago.  My appointment was originally at the Lenscrafters in the mall at 10:45 in the morning.  I had been there before and liked the doctor, so I felt comfortable going back to him for the contacts.  Only I didn't realize that his particular practice did not support my new vision insurance plan.  I was going to just pay for the exam out of pocket since I liked him, but then my level-headed husband reminded me that doing so was a really stupid idea.  We could just see a different doctor and NOT have to pay the $100+ for the exam.  So, after all the hustle and bustle to get to the mall in the morning, I cancelled my appointment.  I was a little peeved at Clark for "making" me see the truth cancel my appointment, but he's wonderful.  He called our insurance company, found another local optometrist, called their office, and made me another appointment for later in the afternoon.

In between my originally scheduled exam and my re-scheduled one, we had many hours to kill.  Commence ridiculous shopping splurge.

4:15 rolled around and we parked ourselves in the doctor's waiting room for the exam.  45 minutes later the assistant finally took me to the eye chart room and I freaked out about some silly air puffs, confused O's with D's and 8's for B's and blah, blah, blah.... Then we waited some more.  So it goes.

Then, I saw the doctor come out of the exam room...dun dun DUNN.  He looked SO scary!  I can't even describe it... he was old and grumpy and looked tired and downright MEAN.  I was preparing myself for him to look me square in the eyes and tell me I was absurd for not being able to put contacts in my eyes and consequentally throwing me out of his office to my shame.  I waited for a few more patients to be seen, all the while growing more and more anxious about seeing Dr. Grumpy Pants.

My time came.

I was pleasantly surprised...he was not so much a grumpster as he was a gruff grandpa.  I didn't need much of an exam since my prescription didn't need to be changed.  He told me that my prescription was complicated since I was nearsighted and had pretty significant astigmatism.  He said I'd need special contacts that would cost about 3 times more than normal contacts or glasses but that it was do-able if I was up for the expense.  I told him my situation and that I still wanted to try is very important to me.  He said I could practice in the office as long as I wanted to and that he was sure I'd get the hang of it.

Well I practiced for about 45 minutes, talked to the doctor, his assistant, a fellow patient...everyone had advice and none of it worked for me.  I could NOT do it.  I am such a loser - no one else freaks out like I do.  This is how ridiculous I am: when trying to put a contact in my right eye, I get so scared that I close my left eye when the contact gets close, and then I have to stop because I can't see what I'm doing.  Holding my eye wide open gives me the willies in and of itself.  I couldn't put the silly things in my eyes.  No way.  

I wasn't allowed to take them home to practice since the doctor needs to check my vision in them first.  But now I have my special pair of contacts in a special container in the office for me to go back and try again another day.  This is an exact repeat of what happened in high school.  It didn't work then....

So, now I'm looking into Lasik.  Yeah...I think we could save up and shell out the moolah if it meant I'd never need a new prescription or contacts for the rest of my life.  I would absolutely need to be sedated in some way in order to go through with it, but I really think it'd be worth it.


Jenn said...

The people I know who've gotten Lasik say it's worth every one of the mountain of pennies it costs. Good luck, regardless of what you end up doing!

Genelle said...

Aw! Sorry it didn't work for you. I had to laugh a little reading this though... it reminded me too much of Rachel on friends. Especially the "freaked out about some silly air puffs" part. lol! I've heard from most people that have had Lasik surgery that it is completely worth it. Someday I hope to get it!