Sunday, February 1, 2009

Photo Shoot, Photo Schmoot

Two of my best friends from Maryland - Bonnie and Kat -  came to visit me two weeks ago, and I took advantage of my comfort with them to try my first portrait photo shoot.  Today was the first chance I had to upload my pictures to my computer and I've got to say that I was incredibly disappointed with the results.  I don't mean to make excuses, but I'm really hoping that the poor quality of the shots wasn't due to my lack of camera skills.  I have bad vision, and I don't wear my glasses when I'm taking pictures.  When I do wear them, my eye can't get close enough to the viewfinder, so I take them off.  As I was looking through my pictures tonight - consisting of EVERYTHING I had shot over the past 2 months - only about 10 of them were in focus.  Out of over 100.  Sadly, I only wish I was exaggerating.  So then, this "photo shoot" that I thought went so well really sucked.

First, I felt like this was a "sign" that I am not cut out to be a professional photographer.  Then, Clark said some nice things and I decided that before I throw in the towel, maybe I should consider that maybe it's not that I'm not supposed to be a photographer.  Maybe it's just that I'm not supposed to wear glasses.  Maybe, just maybe, I should grow up and give contacts another shot (it didn't go so well in high school).  So next weekend, I'm going to go to the optometrist and see what I can do.  Oh, to not have to wear glasses....what a dream that would be.

I was able to salvage the few pictures that happened to be in focus.  If you hate them, please don't tell me.  I know they're not the greatest, but I did try.  And to be fair to myself, I suppose these few aren't too shabby.  It helps that my friends are gorgeous and I didn't have to worry about my subjects at all.

So without further ado, here's my work:

Peanut wanted in on the portrait action

Me and Kat (taken by Bonnie)

This one was also taken by Bonnie, and I thought it was pretty cool.

Kat took this one and it's a bit out of focus, but it's just says a lot about my friendship with Bonnie.

I did learn some stuff, and that was the goal of doing the shoot in the first place.  So on the bright side, success!  On the realistic side: fail.  Well, 90% of the time. :)


Annie Peterson said...

Don't give up!! I love that one where one is giving the other a piggy-back ride! :)

And, contacts aren't so bad. I found out yesterday while driving in glasses and not being able to read the signs that I see a lot better with contacts! Yay for seeing better! (Also, if you don't like contacts, I recommend soft contacts...I wear hard, and they were difficult to get used to in the beginning)

Genelle said...

Best of luck with the contacts. I got them when I was 12 and luckily had an easy adjustment to them, but I know it's not as easy for everyone. I hope they work for you, because you should totally keep taking pictures. These were awesome!

Drea said...

Don't you dare give up Jessica Thompson! Seriously, don't be discouraged. The first few shoots I did were CRAP. I was so disappointed. But keep going! It only gets better!

The next time you are in MD, let's do a fun shoot! :)

Diane said...

I think your photos are good!
I also remember well the contact lens episode! we spent a long time a Sears. I know you can do anything you put yur mind to...go for it!
Love, Mom

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

These are super cute!

And you are not even remotely allowed to give up. NO. NO.

One thing to check on... if you don't want to go the contacts route, I BELIEVE (though I might be mistaken), that there's a little dial near the viewfinder that you can rotate to make your viewfinder compensate for your vision deficiencies.

I use a Canon, but I'm sure a Nikon would have that too... it has a little +/- on it? Give it a look :)