Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Takin' It Slow-Mo to the Big Easy

You will NOT believe what I did.  I’ll let a little video blog tell you the story:



Yup.  It was a horrible situation – good thing I had such a wonderful husband to keep me company during the 11 hour drive.  Man…if Clark had been the reason we missed the flight, I’m not sure I could have not been mad at him.  Clark did not make me feel bad whatsoever and really made the best of the situation.  (Thanks, lovey!!)

The drive went pretty smoothly and I got to see Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana for the first time in my life.  The only bummer about it - besides the fact that we had to drive at all - was that it started raining as soon as my driving shift started, and the rain lasted for more than 4 hours.


So we ended up returning the rental and checking in to our hotel at around 9:00 Friday night.  The hotel – Hotel Monteleone – was a really nice place.  My boss really put us up nicely.  It was a historic hotel right smack in the middle of the French Quarter in New Orleans, walking distance from almost everything.


Not wanting to waste any more of the trip, we took our bags to the room and headed out to the streets.  Let me just tell you guys…..that city is crazy.  We were just a block away from Bourbon Street, and everything I’d heard about the place was completely true.  Clark and I had a great time – we went to dinner at a cool place called something like La Bayou Restaurant.  He got a cajun burger and I ordered veggie pasta primavera (which was SO good!).


We hit the streets and saw all sorts of drunk people, various body parts, and a zillion beads.  We walked up and down, had a couple drinks and enjoyed people-watching.  Nothing too crazy for us, though, haha.


We did stay out pretty late but we had a lot of fun.  My boss – being the wonderful man that he is – was not mad at me when we got there.  He actually felt bad for us that we drove the whole way and was happy to see that we made it in safely.  

I'll share more stories and pictures about the trip tomorrow!

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Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

SO jealous! I want to go there SO bad!