Sunday, February 1, 2009

Two Tickets to Paradise

Well, I'm not sure how this is going to work - I'm writing on Clark's iPod since we're away for the weekend. That being the case, I thought it fitting to share our upcoming travel plans for this year.

Clark has a fixed number of vacation days every year, so we try to plan ahead so that we budget those days for everything we want to do. Here's what's in store:

•  Middle of February: trip to New Orleans to support a trade show for work
•  End of February: visit to Maryland for my mom's birthday and to see friends
•  End of May: week-long vacation with my folks to their timeshare in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!
•  Beginning of July: combination vacation to NYC (Clark's never been) and Massachusetts to - now GET THIS - the Yankee Candle VILLAGE!!!
•  Middle of August: TBD anniversary trip
•  Beginning of September: TBD backpacking trip
•  Middle of October: TBD birthday trip for Clark-o

There will likely also be a visit to Ohio to visit Clark's aunt & uncle, another trip to MD, and of course many weekend trips in SC for holidays and birthdays. I guess you could say we're hugely blessed to have all these opportunities! I can't wait for these trips!

(And I must say - writing a blog on an iPod is hard, long work. Not sure I'll ever be doing this again.)


amyB said...

How about... a trip to Iraq? :)

Downbeat said...

It gets easier. Try blogging from your phone next time. It's worth it when you're away.