Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ye Ol' Fashioned Moonshine

I've been meaning to share this for weeks.  Late one night (but really early one morning) we had the awesome opportunity to watch a documentary.  This particular documentary aired on ETV on the topic of making moonshine.  It was called "The Last One", and friends, words can't express what I saw.

There was an old man.  There was lots of swearing.  There was illegal liquor-making.  There were banjos and a severe lack of teeth.  Most of the spoken words were unintelligible.  There was corn mash and a double boiler.  There were several references to Snuffy Smith and his revolutionary techniques.  I mean, this man actually learned valuable information from Snuffy Smith.

See for yourself....I present to you for your educational value: "The Last One" trailer (meaning: the last man on the planet who makes moonshine the old-fashioned way).  Disclaimer for the pure-eared ones...there are a couple bad words.

I don't even really understand how this man was still alive; he was SO old and frail.  His name was never revealed - for obvious reasons - and he claimed this documentary would be the last time he would ever make moonshine.  (He had, after all, already been arrested for making moonshine twice).  Clark and I guessed it was probably in the mountains near the NC/SC know, near Pumpkintown.  Oh my...I'm not sure I'll ever get used to the south.


Amy M. said...

You guys - this man's from the hills, so although he looks too old to be living, he's probably in his 40's. I have relatives that look, act and talk like this:) Maybe he's from KY?! Is uncle Eudoy?

Anonymous said...

"The Last One" refered to the last moonshine run he would make. He's been caught many times in his life for making moonshine, and this is why they had to build the still, and then tear it apart and pour out the shine they made. My sisters professor told her that this man passed away recently, but im not sure, and from what the documentary said he was from North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

"Popcorn" Sutton....commited suicide just before he was to beging his sentence in Federal Pen for charges related to moonshining. He was 61.

And by the way...we'll never get use to you either!