Saturday, March 7, 2009

And....iHave iMac!

It's true!  Within 24 hours of acquiring my new iPhone, I was gifted with an iMac!  We got to MD last Friday, plopped down on the couch, and started chatting with my parents.  Here's what happened:

Me: Well, I think we're going to save up and eventually buy an iMac.
Dad: I'll tell you buy me a new laptop, and you can have my iMac.
Me: But Dad, Apple laptops are even more expensive than iMacs.
Dad: No, I don't want an Apple laptop.  Just a regular Windows one.  It would be more convenient for me.
Me: Really? Done.

So on Saturday, while my Mom and I were out shopping, Clark went to Best Buy and bought a nice laptop for my dad totaling just about $600.  And we set up everything for him on the new PC, packed up his iMac, and loaded it in the car before we left to go back home.  (Actually, we forgot it in the living room and my parents had to run back by the house before meeting us for lunch...ugh...after all that, we forgot it!).

When we got home on Monday, I went straight to bed, so I didn't set it up until Tuesday night after work.  I.Love.It!  It's no surprise, though, because I did my research and decided a long time ago that an iMac would be a great computer for me.  We didn't make a move to get one, though, because they are pretty overpriced.  But this deal with my dad was such a blessing, and I'm still a little shocked to be plunking out this post on a spiffy new Apple machine.  My dad hardly used it at all - he hadn't loaded any files or software on it; it's essentially a brand new computer.

The only downside so far: my beloved Lexmark printer is incompatible with Macs.  There is no Mac driver for it.  And let me just tell you - I bought that printer the week we moved to SC and it has served me faithfully ever since.  I have used it for everything, the most significant projects being those for my wedding (yes, save-the-dates, invitations, programs, directions, favors, placecards...everything for my wedding was printed on that dinky $20 printer and they were all of great quality).  That experience sold me on the Lexmark brand...unfortunately, no reasonably priced Lexmarks (if any) are compatible with Mac.  We're about to head out to the store right now and look for a new printer.  Goodbye, Lexmark friend, may you rest in peace.  You have served me well.

Enough of the downside story, though...there are so many upsides!  I was using an old hand-me-down laptop before this, and the biggest advantage to me and my wimpy eyes is the huge screen.  I've got the 20-incher and it's lovely and crisp and mm, mmm good!  I haven't gotten Photoshop for it yet, which is the real reason I wanted a Mac in the first place.  One step at a time, though.

So I'm a happy, blessed little girl these days.  Yeah, Apple x2!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you like the Mac and your new phone. My you have a lot of toys!

Rita said...

Whoo hoo for iMacs! I got one last summer and I loooooooove it. My work computer is a dinky Dell that is as slow as can be. So when I come home to work, it's a VERY nice change of pace! :)

Christiana said...

Congrats! Nick is also in love with the iMac, but he'll have to survive with his Macbook Pro until we can afford one (um, never?). That's too bad about the Lexmark though :(

Annie Peterson said...

That is so fun!!