Thursday, March 5, 2009

iHave iPhone

That's right!  I'm the very proud owner and user of a new iPhone 3G.  It was a very long and absurd journey to actually get it, but the switch is finished and the drama seems to be over, so I don't want to re-live it by telling the story.

We ordered the phones while we were in New Orleans and just received them last Thursday (and there was much ridiculousness in between).  We switched from Verizon (which we had no problem with) to AT&T just for the iPhones.  Now that I've got it in my hands, I couldn't be more satisfied!  I'm constantly connected to everything I need...which I suppose could actually be a bad thing.  But since I recognize that danger, that means I've conquered it, right?  Ha.

Here's an example....yesterday, Clark and I went out to lunch at Red Lobster where there was a 15 minute wait for a table.  During the wait, I thought it was finally an opportune time to schedule a haircut appointment (during which I'm - post to come).  I clicked on my web browser, Googled the salon, dialed their phone number with a single click from the webpage, scheduled the appointment, and then immediately entered it into my planner app.  How wonderfully convenient!

One of my favorite things is a free app called UrbanSpoon.  The application finds your location when it loads, and - get this - you shake the phone to get some wheels turning (slot machine-style).  When they stop, it spits out the name of a restaurant near you - perfect for when you can't decide where to eat!  Click on restaurant name, and see the menu, read reviews, call the hostess, or map the location.  This is just what Clark and I have needed for so long!

Add to that a means to keep all of my music and pictures in one place, and I've never had a more perfect phone.  This thing is SO cool.  And we got a great deal on it, too, so it's not like we broke the bank!  We both got 8gb refurbished phones which were very reasonably priced for new (to us) phones.  In my opinion, it was very worth the price.  It just a really SMART device.  It knows things that it should know, like when your ear is next to the speaker and what you were doing before you got an incoming call.  I am really enjoying the purchase.

I don't want to imply that it's necessary for me to be connected 24/7, but it is really convenient for me.  I love having information and answers at my fingertips.  I have a bunch of friends who like to text, and I do NOT.  Facebook messaging has been a great way to meet in the middle without paying for a text plan.

My only gripes really are that it doesn't work with Flash applications online, and that accessories are grossly overpriced.  Cases, vent clips, auxiliary inputs/transmitters....I'm not a fan of the cost.  But by taking some time to shop around online, I've been able to find less ridiculous more reasonable prices for those items.

The point: I REALLY like my new iPhone.  It's wonderful.  If you like being connected to things and having media readily accessible, consider getting one.  If you don't have a need for that stuff, then I guess it'd be silly to get one.  But I have been using mine all the time and I anticipate it being a great tool to organize my life!  Yeah, Apple!

And just you wait for tomorrow's post!

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Lauren said...

I love the "shake" feature to find restaurants! I don't have an iPhone, but some friends of mine do, and I saw them do that once, and I haven't been able to stop talking about it since!

I thought of switching to AT&T just to get an iPhone, but since my fam's on Verizon, I think I'm stuck..I'll just have to live vicariously thru those of you that do have them :)