Thursday, March 26, 2009

Photo Blog: New Orleans, Days 3 & 4

Here are the last few pictures to finish up the New Orleans trip....

Sunday night:

Do I even need a caption?

The hotel we stayed in - Hotel Monteleone - was one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in!  (Seriously...check out the website)

We liked our Valentine's date at Fritzel's so much that we went back again.  There was a different band playing and they were awesome!!!!  Piano, clarinet, trumpet, banjo, tuba, and neat.

Yup.  Hahaha.

Monday morning:

My boss took us out to Cafe Du Monde (a must-go) for breakfast for their famous beignets.  They were even more delicious than they looked, and the hot chocolate was perfect.

Walking through town in the daylight.  Can you believe it?

Our trade show gang in our spiffy outfits (actually, I wasn't too keen on them).  Left to right is Kevin, Tradd, me, and my boss!!

Our whole group.  The one you don't know yet is my boss' wife on the right.  She is a wonderful lady!  (And why do I have to goof up every decent picture??  Ugh....don't laugh at me).

So there you have it!  The trip ended with a lot of airport drama with our plane tickets, lots of frustration, and Clark being left in New Orleans for about 6 hours before he could get a flight out.  Let's just say that I won't be flying Delta again if I ever have a's still amazing to me that we actually made it there and back at all!  My New Orleans conclusion: a place worth visiting - maybe even more than once - but not a place I'd want to live.  It was a good trip while we were there though.  Bam! 

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