Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get Embarrassed, Much?

I threw a surprise baby shower for a friend of mine in March, and it went pretty smoothly.  She had already had her baby boy the week before and had given him somewhat of a unique name.  It is pronounced "Shay-nan".

The name had an even more unique spelling.  Originally, the name was spelled "Seanan" (which looks a little like Shaun-en to me).  Then, on Facebook (not once, but twice, mind you), I saw the mom - my friend - spell it Sheanan.  Naturally, I had assumed that she and her husband had decided to change the spelling to make it slightly easier for people to pronounce.

So then, come party day, it's time to decorate the cake.  We were running low on cake decorations and icing colors, so all I had was a tube of red goo.  I did my best to write in pretty lettering, failed miserably, then Clark swooped in to save the day with some pictures in the corners**.

The party starts.  People are eating and enjoying the food (I hope).  They're looking at the cake.  Then they're looking at me.  They're trying to avoid the huge elephant in the room which is the MISSPELLED name of the baby on the cake.  Misspelled!!!!  I could NOT believe it, but it's true.

The ugliest, most embarrassing cake I've ever made.

Here's the conversation with the baby's mom, Kelly, right next to the cake, as I began to realize there was a problem:

me: "So, you decided to change the spelling of his name, huh?"
Kelly: "What do you mean?  We didn't change it."
me: "But I thought in the hospital you told me it was S-e-a-n-a-n"
Kelly: "Yeah, it is."
me: "But a couple days ago on Facebook you spelled it S-H-e-a-n-a-n"
Kelly: "Really? I must have been really groggy...I haven't been getting much sleep lately, I must have just typo-ed."
me: "Oh.  Well, sorry about the cake!" [force painfully awkward giggle and walk away in shame]

Now, I write this in full understanding that many people who read this blog were at the party and know Kelly, so I mean no harm by talking about her!  I was just pretty embarrassed and thought it would bring some chuckles to someone, somewhere.

Lesson learned: Make sure that you - the hostess - actually know how to spell the name of the baby for whom you're throwing a baby shower before writing it anywhere.

**Another topic of discussion concerning the cake: what exactly is that in the lower left corner?

Is it:
a) the number "1", as in "Seanan, you're #1!"

b) a puppy dog, because babies are cute and cuddly like puppies

c) a truck, because....trucks are boyish?

The answer....c!!  It's a truck!  Thank you, Clark, for your abstract automobile.  It made the cake in NO way more embarrassing.  (Love you!)


mpm said...


The end of this post with the outlining is brilliant.

Jess said...

Hahaha, I'm so happy you approve!

ritapolk said...

I totally thought that was a "1"! :-D

And I noticed the name spelling on the cake because I had done the birth announcements as a gift and when I saw the cake, I felt my insides turn to mush, thinking "SHOOT! I totally misspelled!" Ah!! Haha!

Kelly said...

Well, thankfully this is all kinda my fault (and a bit Stephen's too). Since Seanan's name was not firmly in place until after we delivered (I think not until almost an hour after delivery) that we were still unsure of the spelling. I am sorry for causing you (and Rita) and shocking/awkward feelings. And yes I was the one who misspelled my own son's name on facebook. It was a wonderful shower and I thank you for all you did.

PS - I don't know what I thought originally about the image, but I probably thought truck sicne that was the "theme" I was trying to go for in his room.