Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Photo Blog: Kind of a Waste

Hi bloggy friends.  This post is kind of worthless, sorry.

Check out this picture that I took with my phone last week:
Ok, wow.  That turned out to be really small.  But that's ok...I really just wanted to post something, and I took that picture after work just to share with you guys.  So there you go!  (In case you can't find your magnifying glass to see the picture, it's of a very ominous sky after work.  Looks simply dreadful, but kind of cool.)

Sorry this is lame.  It's late and I've been working on some design stuff, but I wanted to blog anyway.  Maybe I just shouldn't have, haha.

1 comment:

Nick and Kaley said...

You are not lame! Just wanted to reassure you.