Thursday, April 30, 2009

Photo Blog: Rainbows

Every 5 years or so, a girl needs to get herself a new pair of Rainbows.  And so I did!

Old vs. New Friends!

This new pair is in "Expresso" with a thin strap and single layer.  My old pair was "Dark Brown" with thick strap and double layer.  I'm a fan of both kinds.

I won't be completely retiring my old pair, but after 5 years, I am starting to wear through the soles.  And I want to get the swine flu in style when I'm vacationing in Mexico in a few weeks.

....Or if my highly anticipated vacation is completely cancelled, at least I'll have a new pair of flip flops.  Because that's just as exciting as a week in Mexico, right?  

Right????  Shoot.

On a side note: if you have not gotten yourself a pair of Rainbows, I highly recommend them.  Highly.  They are expensive, but when they're the only pair of shoes you'll need to wear from March-October for many, many years, it's worth the price.  The first couple of weeks are torture for first-time wearers, but then you'll have 5+ years of flip flop heaven.


Marlene said...

I agree. I cannot live without my Rainbows!

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

I've been telling Shaun I want a pair but he's been skeptical that it's hype. Pass on the word, please. My birthday's coming :)