Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dos días más!!

(or "two more days" for those of you who took French in high school) 

That's right, folks! We're hopping on one of those flyin' machines on Monday and soaring to a week long vacation in sunny Cabo San Lucas! Oh, how I've longed for this day. I was going through emails I had archived concerning this trip, and I found that my mom originally booked our hotel stay on December 22, 2008. And since that day, I have been gazing at my Google countdown gadget just drooling for May 25th to arrive.

It's within reach now! I spent several hours this week planning, packing, sorting, and cleaning all to avoid another inconceiveable catastrophe. 

We have just finished a sermon series at our church about being bold to share the gospel at all costs, and to be content in whatever our circumstances may be. On almost every Sunday, our pastor would inevitably mention something about people looking forward to nothing more than a vacation, and how that wasn't how we should be living. Had I not understood what he meant, I might have started to feel guilty about my huge excitement about my trip. While I do not think that anticipation for anything in this world should be our "goal", I do think vacations - especially with family - are blessings that God provides and intends for us to enjoy.  I am thrilled for this opportunity.

Just a little history of our vacations past: on our honeymoon - our first bigtime vacation together - a hurricane ruined essentially our entire trip.  The next year, we went to Disney World.  We had a good time (how could you not?), but there were three hurricanes headed in our direction that week and it rained the entire time.  So now, we're trying out the Pacific coast to avoid those nasty, wet wind tunnels.  Even at the cost of getting the swine flu (about which I'm hardly worried).

This will be the longest period of time I've been able to spend with my parents since our trip to Costa Rica in 2004.  It will also provide me with ample opportunities to catch up on my daily Bible readings.  Obviously, if I'm been perfect about reading daily, I'd have no catching up to do.... what can I say, I'm nowhere near perfect.  I go through phases of reading every single day for weeks at a time, but then I'll hit a lull for whatever reason and fall behind.  But I'm determined!  I'm going to be all caught up by the time I get back and then I'll resume daily readings!  Yay!  The only reason I'm even on my computer right now and not packing for the trip is because I'm loading up audio tracks of Psalms on my iPod so that I can listen to them peacefully on the beach.

This is going to be wooooonderful!  Just a little more prep in the morning and then we're off to see my in-laws for the weekend before we fly out!

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