Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mexico Highlights

Hey there! Well, we're back from our vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!  We had a great time. If you were following me on Twitter, you may know a few tidbits from our trip, but all was done from the resort lobby on my iPhone.  Too frustrating to blog from there!  I'll post more details and pictures later, but here are some highlights:
  • We had safe travels, everything was on time, the baggage all arrived, and transportation went smoothly.  No complaints.  Continental Airlines scored a big win with me.
  • After spending an entire week in Mexico, neither I, Clark, nor my parents contracted the Swine Flu.  Although, I did get very uncomfortable standing in the lines at Customs in the Houston airport.  With all those people, I'm sure someone had it and was passing it along.  But we're all healthy!
  • I did not feel hungry or thirsty during the entire trip.  I guess that's what all-inclusives will do for you!  (But now I have a bit of working out to do to make up for it...)
  • I photographed my first wedding!  It was on a whim and on the beach, and I can't wait to work with those shots!  You'll see the pictures when I'm done, of course.
  • We went scuba diving.  It was Clark's first official open-water dives since getting certified over TWO YEARS AGO, and he was amazing! The first day of diving..... ummmm, not so great.  But we did get to dive with some sea lions!!  The second day of diving was much better, even though there were no sea lions.  Kaley, I was thinking of you underwater, and how sea lions are sorta-kinda like manatees in sea-cowishness, and how you probably would have loved it!
  • We spent a morning taking an ATV adventure.  Even though Clark almost killed me, we had a great time (and I'm really proud of my parents for doing it, too!)
  • Clark and I got badly sunburned on our second day there, and subsequently spent 4 days OUT of the sun.  Our burns turned into tans and we got 2 days in the sun before we had to leave.  Kaley, again, thinking of you and how it's really ok to not kill myself with the sun's harmful rays anyway.  Haha.
  • We had a really great dinner at a restaurant on a little mountain overlooking Cabo's famous natural arch while watching the sunset over the Pacific coast.  Sweet!
  • Um, Cabo is in a desert.  Having been to Mexico many times before (to the Yucatan), I didn't do my research and wasn't really expecting everything to be dead and dusty.  But even though the only living things outside of the resort were cacti, it was still pretty.
  • We really enjoyed the time with my parents.  It's been 2 days and already I miss them.  That's definitely a sign of a good trip together!
I'd best be off and leave the rest of the details for later.  Trying to get in a good night's sleep before getting up for W-O-R-K in the morning.  UGHHHH

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Kaley said...

Ha ha! Manatees and skin cancer, my calling cards! I'm glad you had fun and hopefully have not contracted some skin cancer! :)