Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Falling into Autumn

After almost 25 years, I've finally discovered what my favorite season is. I always used to think it was summer - I love the heat, the long days, the laid-back feeling in the air. But I've realized... summer air also brings the bugs, and the bugs bite me. I don't really go outside during the hot, humid weather, because I'm hugely allergic to bug bites. Bug spray usually does fine, but I hate the way it feels, so I just don't bother.

But as summer comes to a close each year, I feel a little more pep in my step. Bugs that give me hives and welts start disappearing, and leaves start turning into my favorite family of colors. Granted, South Carolina has a three month summer and a three week fall, but man, for those three weeks of hoodie-donning, pumpkin-scouting, apple-picking, closed-toed-shoe-wearing weather, I'm just one happy gal. So, friends, I've decided that my favorite season is autumn. I decorated my table for fall already (well, actually, I did that in August because I was excited), I got out my cute pumpkin and squirrel dishtowels, shopped for and started burning my autumn-scented Yankee candles, and put out a bowl of candy corns. Unfortunately, though, it's not fall here yet. I'm just pretending it is. Today's high was 88 degrees, and of course the humidity is still making it feel as if someone is wrapping you with a hot, wet blanket as soon as you venture outside of the air condition. But no matter! It's fall as far as my house is concerned.

Good riddance, scorchers! Welcome, crispness!

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