Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Working Hard and Blog Testing

Hey there! Many of you got my note on Facebook, and now you're here! Thanks for coming!

This post isn't too much a waste of your time, because I'm using it to test your rss readers and my comment fixes. So hopefully at least one of you will comment to help me test. Did it show up in your readers? Did comment posting work for you? *hint**hint*.

Today at work was SO.HARD. We've been backordered and just got a big shipment in, and I'm the one who has to fill and ship the orders - just one of my many responsibilities. I know I'll be leaving soon, but of course not without a few weeks of hard manual labor first! I got out over 100 packages today, and I didn't even get to ship all of them! Crazy. I didn't even sit down at my desk once today, and I worked 2.5 extra hours. Ah well, all in a day's work!


mpm said...

Ya okay, so ya, I see it an i' come up in my reada and happy.

Genelle said...

It works for me and I'm still here! Glad you got everything fixed!

amy said...

Yup and yup. Nice look!

Jess said...

Thanks guys! Such a relief to know it's working again :)