Friday, January 29, 2010

Life Other Than the Baby (ok, well there's a mini baby-update, but only a little!!)

Hello there!

My goal is that this post is only a little bit "baby", but more of a general, non-preggo life update. My friend Rita may have recently caved into "mommy-blogdom", but I'm not ready to take that step just yet. :-P

I'll get the baby stuff over with quick. I've been in my second trimester now for two weeks! I was feeling awesome for about two weeks at the start of January and have backslid just a smidge since then. I'm still feeling great in comparison to November and December, so my complaints really aren't that many. I'd been having daily headaches for three weeks which made me pretty groggy, and I tried every trick in the book to get rid of them. The only things that have helped are cold compresses and sleeping with a sleep mask in the morning when the sun comes up (yeah, it's all really attractive). Doing those things and getting out of the house a bit have seemed to make a break in the headache cycle. I was still on my prescription meds for nausea and throwing up, but my pills ran out last Sunday. I wanted to see if that pesky first trimester symptom had passed, but it only took four days off of the pills until I started throwing up again. BOO. So, I'm back on the medicine, and I'll try to get off of it again in two more weeks. As far as my growing belly, well, it isn't growing. Actually, I'm even fitting into clothes that haven't fit into since before I got pregnant, so...I'm a little discouraged about that. I'll post belly pictures as soon as it becomes relevant to. So that's the short and sweet baby update! 16-week appointment is this Wednesday afternoon!

So it's occurred to me that I haven't really blogged about anything other than a few preggo posts since the beginning of last October. What's happened since then? Oh, well, not know, other than Clark and I both having birthdays, two of my friends getting married in Kentucky, a beach trip, a few photo shoots, the loss of some wisdom teeth, a work trip to Los Angeles/Anaheim, leaving my office job and becoming a housewife, Thanksgiving, Christmas and parties, visits from family on both sides and friends from Maryland, the rolling over of a new year, trips to MD/DC/VA, birthday celebrations for friends and yeah, really, nothing much has happened. Ha.

Sorry that I've been a blogging stinker. I know many of you who keep up with this blog genuinely care about me and read this blog to stay updated on the goings-on in my life. I'll try to catch up on everything and share some pictures in the process, though it might take 2-3 posts to cover it all.

Let's start :)

The trip to Maryland and the one to Kentucky for a wedding will need to wait until I edit some nice pictures on my Mac. I also did an anniversary photo shoot for our friend/pastor and his wife. I'll post about those soon.

Clark turned 29! Not to say anything negative about my wonderful husband whom I love very, very much, but....he was kind of grumpy on his birthday and he didn't want to do anything. I had planned to take him to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner - which we did, but only because it was a surprise and he didn't have a chance to say no. I had also planned to go to a movie afterward, but he vetoed that (and the after-movie dessert) and decided he'd rather go home. I felt like a big failure, but we got it all straightened out....turns out he was just tired from a hard week at work and just wanted to relax. I over-planned, oops! Sorry, babe!

(Oh, and he grew a beard, kept it for a few months, and while shaving it off, enjoyed getting creative)

Our church does several service projects each year for a particular elementary school in our area. Back then, we hosted a free family movie night for the students and their parents. We set up a huge screen in the school's cafeteria and showed Monsters vs. Aliens. It was a big success and everyone had a great time! My favorite part, though, was the monster cut-out competition! Each of our small groups worked amongst themselves to create a life-sized monster, and we worked together to cut them out and design them on plywood. I can't stress enough that I'm not trying to boast, but I was the primary artist/painter for our monster and I am very proud of our group's work. We made ours from the movie's own globular Bob character. The kids voted on their favorite cut-out of the night, and Bob won!!

And the last thing from October that I'll include in this post is that we took a weekend trip to the beach. Clark's parents purchased a share of a condo in Myrtle Beach and we met up with them there. I didn't take any pictures while we were there, but we had a really nice time. The condo was nice - three bedrooms, a full kitchen, a comfy living room, and a golf cart. It was a little chilly when we were there, and it wasn't nice enough to make it down to the actual beach. We had a few nice meals, watched a movie, and went shopping at the outlets. All in all it was a really nice time. We'll be going back to the condo in May with two of our close friends Matt and Layna for what will be a really super awesome week at the beach. I'm really looking forward to that!

To be continued......

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Love the Bob blog. We did win!