Monday, February 8, 2010

Life Since October: Part 2

"Oh my goodness," you're thinking, "Jess is actually making good on her promise to catch us up on all the many months she abandoned her blog? Wow!"

October (continued)
I made my last big journey with the folks from my office job. I had already hired my replacement - a lovely girl (and now friend) named Heather - and she was all trained and ready to go by the time our trip came, meaning that after my work there, I'd be able to pursue my goals of volunteering full-time for my church, being a dedicated housewife, and working diligently on my photography business. The week-long trip was to work at the International Solar Conference in Anaheim, CA. At our booth, I was the primary technical support person, there to answer any technical questions people might have about our system. Also on the trip were my boss, his wife, and our new (at the time) marketing manager Melissa. If you're a long-time reader of mine, you may remember that around this time last year, my boss took us to New Orleans for another trade show. That last conference only had show hours running from morning to early afternoon, leaving the evenings (and late nights) open for having tons of fun exploring a new city. Sadly, at this Californian conference, the hours ran, and there were gajillions of people there, and they ALL loved our product. Really. It was non-stop for us from the moment the doors opened until they closed for three continuous days. The show exhausted all of us, but my boss, being the wonderful guy that he is, made sure that Melissa and I were well-fed at nice restaurants every night. Other than that, there was absolutely no time to enjoy the city - only time for my head to hit the pillow as soon as possible. On our last night after all the solar hub-bub was done, we headed out to spend the evening in Disneyland! That's right!! My boss was going to pay for us all to go act like kids as a reward for our really hard work. We pulled up, and - just our luck - it was closed. So instead, we got dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and spent the evening in Downtown Disney doing some window shopping. My favorite part of the trip? Getting to get to know and grow much closer to my friend Melissa, who I miss very much now that we don't get to work together anymore.

Not much needs to get left out from this month for nice pictures, only Thanksgiving. So stay tuned for that one.

Dun dun dunnnnn. November 5th. A day we will forever mourn the loss of four dear molars - Clark's wisdom teeth. Yup, at 29 years old, he finally got the nerve to get them out, and yes, it was necessary to take them out; they were impacted and would have cracked the roots of the neighboring teeth if left in. I love him, but Clark is one of those people who lays on the couch moaning and groaning when he is sick (as apparently am I). After we got home from the surgery, he was feeling alright but was on some serious medication. He didn't have a stomach to eat much, so he didn't. Bad idea. I was on gauze-changing duty when he stood up over the sink in the bathroom, said he thought he was going to be sick, and I helped him down to hunch over the porcelain throne. Then, in an instant, he was out like a light! Completely unconscious! He had fallen into me, and not being able to hold him, I pushed him into the corner of the room. Trying to revive him, I forgot all about his teeth and just started smacking him in the cheeks. Oops!! He came to after about 45 seconds and had NO idea what had happened. It was scary at the time, but ended up being a pretty funny story to lighten the mood a little bit. He was couch-ridden and - let's face it - basically pathetic for about five days. I know it, he knows it, we all know's just true. I had mine out when I was 18, and I do think age has a lot to do with it. When you turn 30, your jawbone has solidified almost completely, making removal of impacted molars more complicated. And more complicated surgery leads to a much, much more painful recovery. So I have pity for the guy, he went through a lot. All my tooth knowledge comes from my all-knowing dental hygienist of 37 years mother, just so you know I'm not trying to sound like a know-it-all about teeth. Because that wouldn't be cool.

Poor, poor guy.

Five days after Clark's surgery, he got "the call." This particular call summoned him up to Norfolk, VA for an open-ended trip for work. We decided, that with me not having to work anymore, that Rocky and I would join him for the trip. We left on November 9th and stayed at the Quality Suites. Side note: I highly recommend Quality Suites - we've had quite a few of extended stays with them and they're always clean, and I love that there are two separate rooms. So that's my plug, and no, they didn't pay me. Anyway, this particular hotel was pet-friendly and Rocky was a total champ. He didn't make a peep, had no accidents, and obeyed all the rules; I was so proud of my pup. He kept me company during the very long hours that Clark had to work (14 hour days, 7 days a week), and some website projects for church kept me busy. It was a long trip - 2 weeks total - and it stretched our patience a little bit being away from home sweet home. However, that trip holds a special place in our hearts. Monday, November 16th, was the day we found out we'd be having a baby! Very happy news! The 19th is my parents' anniversary, so after staging a little "tantrum" I convinced them to drive down and meet us in Richmond for dinner to celebrate. Little did they know that their anniversary present would be the news that they'd be grandparents! They were thrilled, gave a really great reaction in the restaurant, and finally understood why I made such a big deal about making them drive through DC traffic during rush hour to meet us. They were leaving on a vacation the next day, so there weren't a whole lot of options. We broke the news by giving them a baby-themed picture frame with this photo inside:

It was a delayed reaction, but a very happy one!

That's long enough for this post, onward to the third installment of updates since October!

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