Monday, February 22, 2010

Moving Right Along Through December!

I've got all these nice pictures on my SD card from life since October, but I have to go through them, pick my favorites, and downsize them. I'll do that later, so I'm leaving out any event that have nice pictures for now. We made it through October (there was a ton left out, sorry) and November (only thing missing is Thanksgiving). So moving on to December and beyond!

Oh, but umm, almost everything that happened in December has said nice pictures. Oops.

Well, here are the posts you have to look forward to later:

  • We hosted a Christmas cookie party for our Bible study group
  • I enjoyed dinner and a fun photo session of my friends and their sweet baby
  • My parents and aunt came to visit
  • We hosted family at our house for Christmas day
Other than that, some other things did happen! I was still pretty sick in December, but I was able to perk up and make it out of the house for my friend Abbi's Christmas party. Abbi and I used to work together, and through that job, we've become fantastic friends. I have had lunch with her almost every week since I've left the office. She's also pregnant and about 15 weeks ahead of me. The party was great and I happened to have a little appetite that night, so it was awesome to have tablefuls of yummy snacks to choose from. I didn't know many people there other than the other girls I used to work with. It was fun catching up with them and I'm glad I was able to go!

I turned 25! Gotta admit...I did feel older on this birthday. 25....a quarter-century. I'm over the hump of my 20's. My birthday was on a Monday and I was sick (I know that you know...sorry to keep saying it. I won't say it anymore). I didn't want to do anything special on that day because I knew I wouldn't enjoy it, so we delayed the birthday plans. I did get to spend some time with friends, though, because I went to a monthly team meeting for church that I always enjoy. Stay tuned when we get to the January updates, because I'll tell you about my belated birthday dinner.

My parents came to visit from the 23rd - 27th and they brought along my Aunt Jean (mom of cousin Dawn from the last post). I was mostly, um, I wasn't feeling at my best while they visited, but they understood and were very helpful around the house. They cooked, they cleaned, they drove me around, my mom wrapped all of my presents for me (the ones that weren't for her, of course), and they pretty much tended to my every need. It was definitely wonderful having them with us. They gave me a totally rockin' birthday present -
a fancy schmancy flash for my Nikon (I really needed it), and some moolah which I put toward a crib for the upcoming little one.

My family left on the morning of the 27th, and later that evening one of my best friends Bonnie and her husband Joe came to visit! I can't believe that I took NO pictures while they were here. But hey, after all I was still si-...I mean, feeling a little under the weather. Joe had been to SC before to come to our wedding, but he had never been to our house or town before. Bonnie is an old pro' at visiting me, so she had her list of fun things that she wanted to share with Joe. We had a good time, and I know Clark was grateful for the manly company. He usually has to tag around as the third wheel when Bonnie and I get together, so this was a much better balance for all of us. We had a great time together, played games, tooled around town, ate a little food - the usual. Except Bonnie and I usually bake things together, but no part of me wanted to be in the kitchen this go 'round. They left on the 30th, and that marked the end of all of our Christmas visitors and adventures.

For New Years Eve, we did nothing. We didn't even watch anything on tv or the ball drop. Party animals. Yup, that's what we are.

The next few posts you'll see will have some of the "nice picture" posts you've been so eagerly looking forward to!

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