Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rewind: October Trip to MD

Alrighty, finally made it upstairs to my Mac, where all my pretty pictures are.

(Yes, I have been sick and groggy and tired, and instead of making the grueling trek up the one regular flight of stairs that we have, I have been working off of my laptop from the coffee table in the den. Don't make know you'd do the same thing. Or maybe you wouldn't.)

So we're back to where these "Life Since October" updates began. The very first weekend of last October, we made a trip up to Maryland to visit friends and family. Originally, I had coordinated with Bonnie to go to the Renaissance Festival that weekend, as we used to do every year when I lived there. That weekend happened to also be the weekend of the Maryland/Clemson football game - a game that my dad could get tickets to. The game time was yet to be determined when we planned the trip, but I was hopeful that it would be a night game so that my Renn Fest plans wouldn't be thwarted. Alas, they were. It was a 1:00 game, so the Renn Fest was out. I'm still sad about that, but hey - my dad bought us tickets to a great game and we had a lot of fun. At that particular time in the season, Clemson was doing great, and Maryland....not so much. Even as an avid fan, I was expecting the Terps to get shut out. But, just the same as what happens every year, Maryland got a wave of good luck and stomped all over the Tigers. I felt bad, because I knew MD's prospects weren't good for the season, and it would be much worse for Clemson to have a loss. And I'm a Clemson fan, too, whenever they're not playing my turtles. It was the only game we were able to go to that year, and I really wanted my hubby to be able to see his team win. (Sorry hon, maybe we should stick to games where Clemson doesn't play Maryland - it doesn't seem to ever go well for you.) Anyway, Maryland pulled out a 24-21 win that afternoon. Yay for me, boo for Clark.

After the fun afternoon, we had the joy of hanging out with friends. We never go to Maryland without visiting with Bonnie and Joe, and rarely have we made a visit without also seeing our friends Erica and Josh. Usually due to time issues, we all get together at the same time and have dinner as a group. We all met in Sykesville and had a really great time catching up as we always do. I really miss my friends.

After dinner, Clark and I went back to Bonnie and Joe's place to keep the party rolling. And by that, I mean play Scrabble, chit-chat, and snuggle. Er - Bonnie and I snuggled, but Clark and Joe did not. Just to clarify.

And the last fun event of the weekend was meeting Baby Rex! I missed out on one of my very close friends having her first son last July. We got to visit with Mary and Wolf, meet their wonderfully squishy little boy, and have pizza together. Spending time with friends is really one of my favorite things to do ever, and this was a particularly special visit for me. It was during a time when Clark and I were getting very frustrated about not getting pregnant, and one of Mary's greatest gifts is that of encouragement. She had so many wonderful things to say to build us up, and Wolf's notorious dry humor was much needed. I wish I had a mini Mary and Wolf set to carry around in my pocket every day - they just brighten my life so much.

That about does it for the Maryland visit! We've got another visit coming up here in the next month, and I promise it won't take me as long to post about it!


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that picture of Rex is soooo funny! I miss you Jess!