Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

Being pregnant is a pretty big part of our lives these days, so I'm taking a really quick break from "Life Since October" updates and am going to share something special with you :)

Almost two weeks ago (geez, that went by fast), I had my 16-week appointment. Everything went well even though I didn't particularly care for the doctor we saw. In the practice, there are three doctors. You may remember that "Doc F" is my primary prenatal doctor, but all three doctors share patients during their on-call hours. As part of their patient care, they like for all moms-to-be to meet with all of the doctors, so that there's at least a slight degree of familiarity between them. Anywho, I had the "pleasure" of meeting Doctor E for the first time. I won't go into it too much...she was fine, really. Just had a little bit of 'tude with me and didn't really listen to the few questions/concerns I had, primarily about my lack of weight gain. Regardless, she knew her stuff and gave me the a-okay about everything. The heartbeat was strong and healthy, and after she tickled poked around my belly a bit to feel the size of things, she said everything was growing just right even if I was still pre-preggo sized. To me, that seems a bit is it growing just right if I'm not? (A purely rhetorical question)

So, that special thing I wanted to share! Here's our baby's heartbeat! The nurse let me record it with my handy dandy iPhone, so here you have it, at a strong heart rate of 142.

And, let's face it, this blog is due for a belly picture. It's not much, because my belly's not much. I'm kinda bummed...I guess I had an unrealistic expectation that it was normal to start showing at around 12 weeks. I've gotten many encouraging words from friends and family, but hey, feelings are feelings. I know it'll be fine, and I know that once I'm as big as a house I won't want to be, but for now, whenever that belly wants to pop out and show itself would be fine with me. The good news is that I've finally gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight! It's only up from here!

17 weeks, 4 days (2/20/10)

The biggest encouragement recently has been from my cousin Dawn. She had a very cute little girl named Taylor last summer. Since I have no sisters, she is the closest relative I can compare with, and she too didn't start showing until later on...around 20 weeks she told me. We started with the same body type, and she got really sick and lost weight during her first trimester, too. Very similar experiences. Here are two of her pictures...

Cousin Dawn, 17 weeks, 5 days - looks just like meeeee!

And see! She got a belly after all! This is her at 32 weeks...there's hope for me yet!

Oh oh! And I almost forgot to tell you! Our big ultrasound is scheduled! March 10th, 3:00 pm. I'm reluctant to say that I'll make an immediate announcement about the sex or how it went, but maybe I will! Either way, I'm really, REALLY excited about it! 16 days, yippie!!


ritapolk said...

Jess, The Tummy will come!! I don't think most first-time pregnant ladies start showing until after 20 weeks. That was my experience as well.

Seriously though. One day it'll be like "Whoa!! Belly!!" And it only gets bigger until "Whoa!! Baby!!" :-D It's all a fun process! Hope you're enjoying it now that you're not as sick!

Andrea said...

I know exactly how you feel! I thought the belly would start showing in like 3 months or so...and I didn't really start showing until after 5 months! Even then it was easy to hide. But trust me, it comes. And now, I can't wait to be skinny again. :)

You look great! Can't wait to see more pictures! :)

Kelly said...

I agree with both comments. Definately as a firt timer (one who was sick a lot or not) your belly doesn't really quite now to respond. However, i will say that when it comes to your second and more (depending on who you are) your belly sure does respond rather quickly and even though it might not "show" you won't believe how quickly you don't "fit" into anything. I think around the 5 month mark is a good breakpoint for showing the world - hey there is a baby in here!

surferchick said...

Your get there doll! First time is always the hardest to know what to expect! Ha like I know but you seems like your on the right track!!!