Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Results Are In!

We had a wonderful appointment today!! The ultrasound tech was very friendly and made us feel comfortable. She looked all around at our baby and determined that everything looked great! There was not a single issue of concern :) The baby measured at 20 weeks & 1 day which - go figure - is exactly how far along I really am, to the day. Pretty neat! The baby was moving a TON, arms and legs squirming everywhere - I'm surprised I didn't feel it! It weighed in at 12 ounces....growing up quick!

And of course what you all are waiting for....we're having a little girl! The tech was 100% sure of it - apparently it was crystal clear. And as I said in my last post, we had our girl's name picked out years ago. If you're a long time reader of this blog, you may remember why it's called what it is (if you don't, read this). If you attended or saw pictures of our wedding in 2007, you may recall that we had lilies of the valley on our cake for the same reason. And if you know that I'm pursuing photography as a profession, then you know that my business has been called Lily Mae Photography since the fall of 2008. We decided on the name Lily sometime between the starting of my blog and the starting of my business. It's just a name that Clark and I have both always loved. "Mae" doesn't have any particular significance to us, we just think that it's pretty and that it sounds nice with Lily. And until she expresses her own desire to be called something else, she'll go by her double name, Lily Mae.

There were only two people who thought it was going to be a boy, so we got a lot of "I knew it!" exclamations today. It was a roller coaster of a day for me, but very, very good and exciting. I can't wait to share the plans for Lily Mae's room (and the bedding set I talked about yesterday was for a girl - I'll post some pictures), but that will have to wait until another post. After the appointment we spent lots of time calling family and friends, and everyone's thrilled. Then we went out for Mexican food, went to a hobby store for some pieces for my first crafty thing for her, and got a cute blanket and outfit from Target. Then we stopped by to visit some friends and get and give some hugs.

Wonderful day, but now I'm exhausted! I'm outta here, but enjoy the ultrasound pictures!

(Sorry, we don't have digital ones so I had to take pictures of the prints with my iPhone...not the greatest quality)

Profile of her body, but she turned her head in our direction at the last minute. The picture is labeled, but since it's blurry, I'll tell you that her face in on the right (kind of looks like she's winking) and her belly is the bubble on the left. You can kind of see her little fist tucked up next to her cheek.

A footprint picture. She does have two feet, don't worry, haha. She just pulled one of them up on top of the other. I was expecting the baby to look a lot more like an alien, so I was pleasantly surprised that she looked so cute!

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Love or Nothing said...

thanks girl, it's good to be back!! i am SO excited to see that you're having a girl! and i LOVE the name.. i must admit i'm kind of biased toward it anyway because i babysit the most adorable baby girl my worship pastor adopted from korea, and they named her lily as well :) glad you're doing okay, keep yourself healthy and i look forward to more updates!