Thursday, April 8, 2010

24 Weeks... Where's the Time Going?

Howdy, readers! I cannot believe that it's been 2 weeks since my last post. Seriously, it feels like I just wrote and posted it a couple of days ago. If that's a sign of how the rest of this pregnancy's going to go, then I think I'm in some time warp trouble.

Well anyway, I turned over the 24 week leaf on Tuesday. I also had a doctor's appointment that morning, but it was just a very basic one...listen to the heartbeat (I mean, that never gets old) and get measured. I'm big enough to get the measuring tape now! At my last appointment four weeks ago, my belly just got poked at a little bit. I don't know what the measurement was, but the doc said it was exactly what it should be. I did get a little bit of "try to lay off the juice and drink water instead" in, I gained a little more weight than I should have and I need to make smarter choices if I don't want to go overboard by the end of this thing. But right now I'm still fine and if I hang back a bit now, then I can still be right on target. Goodbye, second dessert after dinner (and third). (And fourth).

In other news, it's summer weather here now, yay! Flowers are blooming as if it's spring, but the temperatures tell a different story. I love the heat AND the humidity. Bring it on!

My projects for Lily Mae's room are coming along. I designed, printed, and framed some wall art, and I finished the crib bumper. I've finished my crafty projects: drawer pulls, lamps, and picture frames. Now I'm just plugging away at my sewing tasks - next up are the crib skirt and the window curtains. I did take pictures of the bedding set "before" to share with you all, but again, that time warp thing....I'll post the room plans soon, I promise.

For now, I've got several things for church keeping me busy, and the deadlines for those things are coming up much sooner than Lily Mae's due date. So, it's best that I turn my attention to those things so that nothing falls through the cracks. But stay tuned for some more posts coming at the beginning of next week!

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