Saturday, April 24, 2010

What a C-R-A-Z-Y Couple of Weeks

Well, hello there!

Where to gosh, these past 2 1/2 weeks since my last post have been NUTS. And not in an exciting, happy, I'm-doing-lots-of-wild-and-crazy-things-I-enjoy kind of way. Not at all. SO, here we go, hang on tight!

I know I posted on Thursday, April 8th. But let's rewind to a couple of things that I deliberately left out of that post, just so you can get the full effect of The Crazy. Last year, on April 6th, one of my best friends gave birth to her first baby by scheduled C-section. At her 20-week ultrasound with that pregnancy, her doctors found some abnormalities that after further tests revealed that her baby boy would not be able to survive after birth. Baby Jaxton lived for five hours that day before he passed, and it was devastating to her and her husband, their families, and all the friends who loved them dearly. I haven't discussed it on this blog before now, except for a couple of vague references like on my 20-week update post. Anywho, those friends of mine wanted to do something on Jaxton's anniversary to remember him, and they asked Clark and I and another couple to join them for dinner and an evening together. We had a good time with them - we always do - but it was still a difficult night for us all as we remembered the sweet little baby that brought us together on that night.

The next day, Wednesday the 7th, Clark and I attended a funeral for his step-grandfather. His biological grandfather died over 10 years ago, and his grandmother re-married a charming man named Bob. Bob was a doctor and was very smart, and for a man in his mid-80's he was very "with it" and fun to be around. We weren't incredibly close to him, but he was still family and we were sad to see him go, and even more sad that his grandmother had lost another husband.

I wrote and posted my last entry on the 8th, and then, Friday the 9th, dun dun dad got hit by a car in Baltimore. Yeah, you read right. (Most of you regular readers follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, so this isn't news to a lot of you.) My dad is mostly blind and can't drive, but he owns a store in inner-city Baltimore. He walks and uses public transportation to get to work every day during the week, and he always takes the same route and is very careful. On that Friday, he was walking to the subway station as usual and was hit by a woman driving a Toyota. He was in the crosswalk and was hit on his totally blind side - he never even saw it coming. He was rushed to shock trauma. Fortunately, he lived through it, but from what I'm told it didn't look good at first. The damage included a bruised and bleeding brain and a huge gash on his head, a collapsed lung, a fractured clavicle, pelvis, and foot, and various cuts, bumps, and bruises all over his body. I flew up to MD the following morning to be with him and to help my mom. His head needed constant monitoring, he had a chest tube in place and needed chest x-rays every few hours, and really couldn't move much - he was obviously in a lot of pain. We spent the next 5 days in the hospital by his side, and happily he showed huge improvements every day. After daily sessions with physical, occupational, and speech therapy, and after his chest tube was removed and doctors were no longer concerned about his head, he was discharged to go home - he was even considered to be doing "too well" to warrant being sent to a rehab facility. Get this - he was admitted on Friday and was released to go home the following Wednesday - praise the Lord! The doctors and nursing staff took great care of him and God just shared a huge miracle with our family - we are so blessed! After bringing him home, he still showed steady signs of improvement though things were difficult and he couldn't do much of anything without help. During my stay there, he had a couple of sessions with in-home physical therapists, and he was eventually able to make it up and down the stairs, take a shower and sleep in his own bed (not the downstairs couch), and even go back to his store to see his employees and customers! It was an unbelievable transformation to be able to witness in the 10 days that I stayed there with him. I had flown up with a one-way ticket, not sure of when I'd be coming home, but was able to fly back this past Tuesday the 20th. From what he and my mom have told me, he's still doing very well and has made it back to the store a couple more times. I think my mom is going to be able to return to her normal work schedule next week since my dad is growing more and more independent every day. Really though, all glory be to God for his amazing healing powers, and thanks to Jesus Christ for loving me so much to bless me in this way!

My first day back was this Wednesday, and even though I think I hung in really well during all the chaos, it all caught up with me once I got home. It must have been God giving me the strength to hang in there and do what needed to be done as far as helping my family, but when I got home I was just.plain.exhausted. I was achy, tired, moody, and sensitive...not so good. I went to our Bible study on Wednesday night, lunch with a friend on Thursday afternoon, our church's brand new student ministry (for middle/high school students) on Thursday night, lunch with Clark on Friday afternoon, and dinner with friends that night. Today was supposed to be a quiet, peaceful day with Clark at the beach, but bad weather ruined that plan :-(

But about dinner last night.... those friends I mentioned earlier, who lost their baby last year? They (Matt and Layna) are pregnant again and had their 20-week ultrasound yesterday afternoon. Because their last 20-week ultrasound was the beginning of a horrible experience, it's pretty needless to say that it was a pretty stressful day for them yesterday. But the news is good this time!!!!!! The ultrasound showed a perfectly healthy baby girl!! Her name is McKayden Joye (spelling isn't final yet) and she's going to be Lily Mae's best friend :-) Layna's due date is only 6 weeks behind mine, and it's been a lot of fun sharing the experience with her so far. But now the fun can really begin, because the anxiety of the health of both our little ones has been lifted! Last night's dinner was with them to celebrate their amazing news, and it was a really great night :-D Just had to share that with you guys after such a downer of a post.

God is good no matter what our situation might be. He is always faithful, always righteous, and always glorious. I don't talk about him nearly as much as I should on this blog, but the truth is that he means everything to me and I've given him my whole heart. Even if any of the craziness of the past couple of weeks had not ended in a blessing or a miracle, the character of God never changes and I'll love him forever and ever. :-)

Oh, and for those of you who've known what's been going on all this time, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your petitions in prayer for me and my family. On top of all the other blessings he's given me, you brothers and sisters in Christ are truly a treasure. Thanks for all of your constant encouragement!

A couple of happy pictures for you:

One bittersweet thing about funerals is getting to see people you don't get to see as often as you'd like. This is me and my at-the-time preggo cousin-in-law Katie...she has since given birth to her baby girl Emma Kate!

And here's my dad - alive, healing, and back at home after his accident!

Things are calming down and getting back to normal now. I do have a 26-week picture and update for you that I'll post soon, even though I'm even closer to 27 weeks now. Oops! And I've taken pictures of some things for Lily's room that I want to share with you. All coming soon! (I know I always say that, but had these last couple of weeks not been such a whirlwind, I'm sure I would have gotten around to it already!)

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