Monday, May 24, 2010

Look at Me! I'm Legit!!

Well, today's mega blogging plans were thwarted by a need to make myself a legit lady of business. I've been repairing iPhones of late because, well, I'm good at it and it's cool to get a little moolah, haha.

I've fixed a bunch of them now and have had so much success (and have gotten nicely paid) that I advertised my services on craigslist. I've gotten three responses so far in about a week and a half of the ad being posted. Two of them happened while I was on vacation last week so I haven't been able to meet those people yet to fix their phones, but I had a third response this afternoon and will be meeting my first customer tomorrow evening! I spent the day coordinating with her and will be fixing her iPhone's cracked glass panel tomorrow. Now don't you worry, I have plenty of common sense - I'll be meeting her in a neutral, public place with lots of people around.

I spent the day researching and customizing a liability and repair service agreement for customers to sign so that I'm well protected. And finally, I just finished making a little starter business card to give out. It's nothing special, but these people need to have my contact info somehow, right? So friends, enjoy my little business card picture (from which you'll get absolutely NO information about me...enjoy all the fun smudging!) Oh, and wish me luck for tomorrow!!

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