Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Plans for Lily Mae's Room

Whew! I hope you weren't holding your breath after all the suspense of my last post, but in case you were, relax! Exhale! You finally get to know what Lily Mae's room is going to look like!!

First, the layout. Our bedroom is downstairs, and her room is on the second floor - boo. Her room is right at the top of the stairs, is carpeted, has slanty ceilings and a big window, and has a nice walk-in closet to store all her cute clothes. (Well, it's nice for me, but due to said slanty ceilings, Clark doesn't really fit in there very well.)

And now, the theme. Picture this: Hot Pink. Orange. Polka Dots. Snoopy. Cool, right? Wait - what? That sounds crazy and confusing to you? Maybe a picture would help clear things up.

Theeeere we go. See, now it's a cool theme, right? If you've known me for much time, you probably know that I love Snoopy. For a long time I resisted the idea of a Snoopy theme, but what can I say? I caved. But p.s. - companies do NOT make Snoopy baby nursery collections that are girly. In fact, there are only three collections currently being manufactured - a sports Snoopy theme (blue), a baby Snoopy theme (blue and green), and a new "vintage" Snoopy theme that features classic Peanuts characters (as opposed to the "baby" characters - and it's also blue). So, as I was on the hunt for girly Snoopy bedding, I found this twin bedding set and bought it up pronto. I'm in the process of converting the comforter and sheets into a nursery set. So far I've finished the crib bumper and crib skirt. Still left are the curtains, the laundry hamper, a blanket wall hanging, and a thingy to hang on the changing table to hold diapering stuff. I'm not a master seamstress by any means, but I've been doing really well so far. :)

All my fabric, seam-ripped and ready to sew!

The wall with the window will be painted white with two horizontal orange stripes. The left and right walls will be a dark pink - a shade or two darker than the hot pink on the comforter - after all, we don't want to blind our baby with extremely bright colors. The fourth wall will be chocolate brown. Accents in the bedding and throughout the room are brown, so it all ties in nicely, I promise.

I designed some coordinating graphic panels to hang on one wall. My design had a ton of pink and orange, but not enough Snoopy. Of course I had to find a way to make him more of a focus! It's a three-panel series, but I'll just show you the first one I made for now. And these panels are already printed and framed, and the colors do match the fabrics. They look a little screwy on the computer, though.

And I guess the last thing I'll show you right now is a used mobile that I converted into a matching one! No offense to those of you who like teddy bears and very "classic" looking nursery decor, but I'm a contemporary kind of girl. I bought this mobile for $8 and couldn't get those bears off fast enough! And yes, as you can imagine, those Woodstocks really do fly around Snoopy when it's all wound up! :)

Before: Ugly, boring bears that look like they're on hangsman's nooses.


I could show you the mobile mounted on the actual crib instead of my dining room chair, and then you'd also be able to see the crib bumper and skirt that I'm so proud of...but then that would further delay getting this post up and we can't have that. I'll show you that some other time along with lots of other fun things!

Tell me what you think of what I've planned! Err, unless you think it sucks. Maybe don't tell me what you think if that's what you think...that might hurt my feelings. :-P


Danielle Blumer said...

It all looks awesome Jess. You've been a busy girl! I really like the panels, that is just so much fun. I'm so excited for you guys!

Genelle said...

You are so creative! Awesome that you decided to make what you wanted once you found it wasn't available. Go Mama! Oh, and I LOVE the mobile! So crafty!

Will said...

Looks cool. Leave it up to a Clemson fan to figure out how to bring orange into a girl room but I must say, "You pulled it off!"

Kelly said...

The bedding looks awesome! If you need help painting - please let me know. You know that is one of my favorite things to do. And you should not be painting - especially this late into the game. Can't wait to see the "completed" nursery set. Maybe you can start selling them too. :)

Clay's Journey said...

Very nice. I know your little girl will love it!

Clay -

A said...

super cute! I wish I could've made all my stuff, thats awesome!