Wednesday, May 5, 2010

T minus 12 weeks...

My 28-week doctor's appointment went really well yesterday! I got to see Doc F - my original doctor at that practice who I haven't seen since I was 12 weeks along - he's my favorite. He was really pleased with everything from my belly size to my weight gain. Lily Mae's heartbeat was strong as usual (heart rate of 141). The only little problem that I'm having is a little bit of low blood pressure issues, but it's common and nothing to be concerned about. In my last post, I had trouble describing what I was feeling, but apparently, what I was feeling was almost fainting or passing out from a rapid blood pressure drop. I've never fainted before, so no wonder I couldn't describe it. It just felt strange to me. Anyway, Doc F just said that when I feel it start to happen that I just need to sit or lay down on my side. Easy enough!

I also had my 1-hour glucose tolerance test. I'd been warned about the nastiness of the glucose drink, but the fruit punch flavored one I got really wasn't unpleasant at all. It was almost yummy! The lab tech told me that they'd get the results in within the next business day and I'd only be called if I failed and needed to return for the 3-hour test. Well, I didn't get called today so I must have passed...yay! I don't have gestational diabetes!

Lastly, since I'm still on a primarily vegetarian diet, the doctors wanted to check my iron levels to make sure I didn't need to add an iron supplement with my vitamin. Everything checked out with that, problems (other than the finger prick to check my hemoglobin - I freaked out in my head a little bit...another good reason I don't have diabetes)!

Today I got to go to the pool with my friend Angie and her sweet baby boy. It was a great day, and yes, I wore my bikini. Belly exposed and all! We had a really nice time together and I got a little color which is always nice. I fully plan on more days at the pool and beach this summer whenever the opportunity comes up!

Here's a picture from yesterday!! I'm reaching great new widths.....

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