Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let's Have Something Happy!

I know I already posted today, but I'm feeling a little bit guilty for subjecting you friendly readers to such a huge amount of bummer posts lately. So I'm trying to make it up to you!

Today I'm 33 weeks pregnant! I snuck out of my hospital gown for a few minutes to put on normal human clothes, and I set up my Nikon so that Clark could take a decent picture instead of with our phones. I know I usually do bi-weekly pictures only on even numbered weeks, but this could be the last week that I'm pregnant so I wanted to get my belly captured quick. The only sad part is that my belly hasn't grown at all (and might have even shrunk a little) since my 30-week picture. Let's chalk that up to stress and hospital food...I've probably lost a little weight. But it's ok, little miss Lily Mae is still growing just fine! Now let's wait and see if we get a 34-week picture next Tuesday! :D


Genelle said...

You look awesome! So glad to see your bright smile! I was reading your last post and would love to actually "talk" with you. Like on the phone. I've been where you are and if it would help you at all to talk to someone who has experienced something similar please know that you can call me. Really. I'm sure that Clark is probably with you at night, but if you ever get lonely during the day you can call. Just DM me on twitter and I'll send you the number. Or I could even call your hospital room if they don't charge extra for phone use.

Andrea said...

You look AMAZING! I'm praying for you guys and sweet Lily Mae. I can't wait to swap baby stories :)