Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Milestones Are Fun to Reach

Today I'm 34 weeks pregnant! Who knew that after all this, our baby would still be in my belly? But, she is, and that's great! Sorry that I'm wearing the same exact thing as the last picture but it's all I have in terms of real clothes (and the shorts are Clark's). Still haven't really grown. Oh well, Lily Mae really is growing and that's what's important - they think that fluid levels are fluctuating which would explain why she is growing but my belly isn't.

So, I'm not sure if I want to go into all the details of what happened on Sunday night, because the result is a big fat "no change." Let's just see if I can say it fast, just for fun. Contractions were every 10 minutes all day on Sunday. At about 10:00 pm, they picked up to 5 minutes apart and started being painful for the first time ever. I got examined but was still at 5 cm. At midnight they set me up on the monitors for a couple hours, then checked me again but there was no change. However, my contractions had picked up to every 2 minutes and had become more painful. They moved me back to labor & delivery (room #7), set me up on IV fluids (yeah, I had to get my IV back - but I had one day without it!), and let me labor for a few hours. I got checked again - no change - labored for a few more hours and got checked a fourth time - still no change. SOOOO, they decided that even though I was having real labor contractions, they were not dilating me so they sent me back to antepartum again (room #8). After being up all night, we finally got to sleep at about 7:00 am Monday morning. Sometime after I woke up, the contractions fizzled out and since then they've been back to the way they were before - uncomfortable but not painful, and only a couple contractions an hour. And there you have it!

But there are two great things about today! First, reaching 34 weeks is kind of a big deal. The risks of all kinds of things go WAY down now! Lily Mae will probably be able to breathe on her own and she won't have as much trouble feeding - she may even to start breastfeeding right away if she's coordinated enough. We had passed many of the neurological concerns when we hit 32 weeks. The two main [small] risks left are her self-regulating her body temperature (since she's still so small and skinny) and jaundice. She may need to spend some time in the incubator to keep her warm, and UV lights can easily take care of the latter issue.

And the second great thing is that if I don't dilate any more by Friday, the doctor said I can go home!! Yup, even if I'm still contracting the way that I have been, the team is comfortable that Lily Mae will be big enough to not need serious intervention when she's delivered. One doctor I spoke with recommended that if I go into labor before 36 weeks that I come back to this hospital since they are better equipped for little babies. But if I make it beyond that point then I can go back to my original hospital. My main case doctor thinks that there's a 50/50 chance that I'll make it to Friday, but we've got 3 more days to find out how this is going to play out!


Genelle said...

Wahoo!!! Awesome news! So glad that things are better and that Lily Mae is going to be at a much lower (hopefully not at all!) risk when she does decide to make an appearance. One thing is for sure... That little lady knows how to make an entrance! :) She has kept everyone in suspense for weeks!

Will you have to be on bedrest when you go home? I'm assuming yes, but just curious. Either way I'm sure you'll be so excited to be at your own home!

Andrea said...

Great news! Happy 34 weeks :)

ritapolk said...

Whoo hoo!! I hope you get to go home and relax for a while before Miss Lily Mae makes her big debut. Bedrest - particularly in a hospital - is really no rest at all!