Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lily Mae!

WOW.... haha, quite a bit has happened since my last post.

I was discharged from that hospital the day after I wrote it - June 18th. I got to go home and continued having contractions every day. Doc F said only to let him know when something was different, and nothing was for about a week. I was on "bedrest" but I still took care of some things around the house and I went to out to dinner one time, but I took it easy (I promise). Clark took some maternity pictures of me last Saturday which I was really happy about. That belly was something I really wanted to capture, and I'll post those pictures once I get around to editing them. Which could be a while because.......

Lily Mae was born!!!

I woke up to a teeny gush at 10:20 on Sunday morning (6/27/2010) but wasn't totally sold that my water had broken. After about 5 minutes the teeny gush turned into a huge, continuous one and I called the doctor on call (who was one of the docs in Doc F's practice, so I had met with her before - cool!). We got dressed quickly but not too rushed, followed our "leaving in a hurry" plan, grabbed our pre-packed hospital bags (win!), and started our half hour drive to the hospital. On the way there I called my parents and leisurely chatted for a few minutes. My contractions had started picking up and were getting very intense, but I could still focus and get through them. That is until about 5 minutes from the hospital when I started feeling like I had to push. OH.MY.GOODNESS. Let me tell ya: my labor didn't mess around. It got serious and it got serious fast.

We somehow managed to get to the hospital without giving birth in the car. I got wheeled into the delivery room not able to focus on anything but the pain. UGH. I got checked and was at 8 cm. Then 5 minutes later, 9 cm. Then 5 minutes later - no joke - 10 cm and time to push. It was incredibly intense: blood spewing everywhere, me throwing up, Clark *almost* passing out on the floor, doctors and nurses running in from every direction yelling various things at me because I had NO idea what to do or what was going on (other than the fact that I was going to have to somehow squeeze a baby out of me). The blood was due to my hurriedly-placed IV ripping out of my arm, and you know, normal birthing stuff. I give Clark a lot of credit though - he only got a bit faint because there was SO much blood (read: spraying all the way up to the top of the bed where he was standing). So anyway, I was pushing away and trying my best, but her heart rate plummeted suddenly and wouldn't come back up. I heard an "Oh shoot! We have to get this baby out NOW!" from the doctor, and then next thing I know a vacuum is being shoved up my lady bits and the doctor's pulling as hard as she can. It worked but not well enough so I had to have a big-time episiotomy (later found out it was 3rd degree if that means anything to you) so she could use forceps. I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty horrible, and I screamed as she did some of that stuff. In case you were wondering, yup! I did it with no medication (not like there would have even been time if I had wanted some). I felt e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g, cutting and tugging and all. But I was able to push her out with the doctor's help and she was whisked away by the nurses. (The trouble had been 1. that her shoulder was pinching the umbilical cord and had cut off her blood supply and 2. she was face-up so I couldn't get her out fast enough.) But then she cried and I realized she was alive and ok!! Very, VERY happy moment for me. They brought her over to me and I got to hold her for about 20 seconds before they took her to the level II nursery. That 20 seconds was better than none at all, so I'm happy. If you're a stats kind of person, she weighed 5 pounds, 1 ounce and was 18 inches long, born at 12:00 noon on the dot. (We got to the hospital at 11:20! She was born before I could even be admitted!)

Afterward, I got my IV replaced so I could get some fluids, the doctor stitched me up (I finally got some local anesthetic down there), and nibbled on some lunch. I got word that Lily Mae was doing very well but that I couldn't go see her just yet. It was about 5 hours until I got to walk down to the nursery and meet her. But guys.......she is the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my whole life. I got to hold her and kiss her and love her, and she is so, SO cute and couldn't be more perfect. She was breathing on her own and only needed an IV to keep her fluids up. She looks just like me (which is a little weird for me - I wasn't expecting that) but with Clark's very cute nose. Today makes her 5 days old and at this point we're an awesome breastfeeding team and she's gaining weight, she's got her IV out, and she's maintaining her own body temperature. She's only the slightest bit jaundiced so she's under phototherapy. Her bili ruben levels only have to go down one more point before she won't need anything at all! I'm thinking/hoping that she'll be fine with that and taken off the lights tomorrow. Whenever she's taken off, she'll have to be monitored for a day, and then she can come home!! Oh gosh I'm so excited! I think she'll be home on Sunday. :D

As for me, I was discharged on Wednesday but the nursery and postpartum nurses helped get me a hospitality room here at the hospital. It's just a courtesy room (free) and I get no care. I have to provide my own food and medicines and all that stuff, but it's right across from the nursery so I can be here for every feeding which I love (she's not being bottle-fed at all). I'm going to be staying here until Lily Mae gets to come home and that's super cool. But of course I've pretty much had my fill of staying in hospitals, so I'll be so thankful when we can all go home (and stay home).

I'll leave you with some pictures of the best, sweetest, and prettiest girl in the whole world! :)

Just a couple of minutes old!

The first time I got to meet her. (Probably should have gotten a picture of us together - still haven't done that. Oops!)

Oh gosh, this daddy-daughter team sure tugs at my heart strings :)

Come on, you can't tell me you don't want to just snuggle with her and never let go...


Andrea said...

Jess, she is PERFECT! OH MY GOSH! If I didn't have my own baby, I might steal sweet Lily Mae. :)

And girl, go ahead with your med-free birth! I hope you are healing fast and loving this new season!

Kelly said...

You did it! So very proud of you! Very excited to hear the "whole" story and glad that all worked out. We'll be praying that you get to come home Sunday for sure (early) and we can keep the hospital stay to 4 weeks grand total :) that would be great! Can't wait to see you and meet her. Love and prayers

amy said...


I'm super excited for all three of you!!!

mpm said...

Congrats! are a beast!

A said...

Congrats! it goes quick when you are already 5cm!! Hope you are having fun at home now!! :) She's so cute!