Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Resolve to Make Resolutions

I'm not typically one to make resolutions. I don't really care much about the whole "new year" thing... January is simply the month that follows December. Years have become more revolutionary and less linear to me, i.e. years don't begin and end, time just keeps going forward. However, there have been several things that have been weighing on me, and what better time to announce them to the world than now under the name of resolutions? I find that I need to quantify things so that I can actually keep track of my progress and succeed.

1. Blog more often
I want to blog three times weekly. One blog about life (be it marriage, Lily Mae, or anything random - creative freedom's the name of the game), one about cloth diapering/attachment parenting/mommy topics, and one with a photo - could be an artsy-fartsy edited image or simply a fun iPhone pic. Of course there could be photos in any of my posts, but this third weekly one is for the sole purpose of pictures. I may create a separate blog for the mommy/diapering posts, because I know many readers may not be interested in those topics. Being one to please, I want my readers to want to come back. BUT... I've stunk it up keeping up with this blog alone, so let's see how this resolution goes before I start a second blog. ;)

2. Tone up and build endurance
I honestly haven't exercised since before I got pregnant. :[ Whoops. That's not the example I want to set for Lily Mae, and I know lifestyle habits are learned early. Clark also deserves better from me. I'm weak and wimpy... it's pretty sad. Once upon a time, in my high school heyday, I was active, worked out, played sports daily (and was a pretty good lacrosse player if I do say so myself). I refuse to accept that the best shape of my life was when I was 16, but the truth is that the past 10 years has been a steady fall of my fitness. To not beat myself up too much, I'm actually a few pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight and only a couple more away from my weight goal (what I was at my wedding). So... this is not a weight goal. This is muscle tone, cardio fitness, and endurance. How do we quantify? A friend of mine invited me to join her running group to train for a local 10K in April, so I joined! I'll be following a training schedule and doing weekly group runs to stay accountable.

3. Take better care of Rocky
My poor puppy. We moved to South Carolina over four years ago and he developed nasty skin allergies. Without his prescriptions and regular medicated baths, his skin is downright nasty. Touching him leaves a stinky, oily goo on your hands for days so he stays in his kennel the majority of the time (which he doesn't seem to mind). Starting in mid-pregnancy it became very hard on me to wash him; to be done well it's got to be in the bathtub, hunched over and scrubbing for a long time. Since the baby's been around he's just been put on the back-burner. No more! I've got the time, the means, the energy, and if I keep the second resolution, I'll also have the strength to take better care of him and let him out to play more. (Maybe I can even bring him on some runs around the neighborhood with me.) Quantifying? This one's serious, because it's not right to neglect our animal friends. If I am not giving him bi-weekly baths (at least) and letting him out to play most days by the end of February, Rocky will go to a new home where he will get the love he deserves. That self-threat in and of itself is enough for me to keep up with this one.

4. Earn for the building pledge
I posted about a photography promotion back in September in hopes to book some sessions so I could put money towards our building pledge for church. Simply put: it didn't go as well as I would have hoped. Maybe my rates were still too high even with the discount. Nonetheless, I've still got our pledge balance looming over me so something's got to be done. I'm planning some session fee revision and various new ways to promote my business. In addition to Lily Mae Photography, I got a new sewing machine for Christmas! I'll test the Etsy waters by offering up some handcrafted items (sewn, knitted, and whatever else) in a store I'll create. The quantifier is very simply our pledge balance. We've got until October and a lot of moolah left to give.

I feel like I'm missing something (can't stand that feeling). Oh well. One of the reasons I don't usually make resolutions is because I feel like I set myself up for failure, so having less of them gives me more chance for success. And really, these resolutions are non-negotiable. Failure is not an option (except the blog one... after all, life would still go on if I failed that one, sorry guys). Feel free to check in on me and ask how these things are going from time to time - I'd love the extra accountability!

You are awesome if you've read this far, thank you! Happy new year!!!


inspiredbytherain said...

Your blog is easy and enjoyable to read! Resolutions are a great thing, in fact I have heard that those who make goals are more successful in life!

Good luck with the running group that sounds like a blast! I am assuming you are training for the Cooper River Bridge Run in April? I have done that twice and it is a lot of fun. Good luck!

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

Good for you, girlie! I'm thinking of writing up my own. I hate resolutions, but I hate them because I'm lazy and have trouble keeping them. I'm going to give it a go. Love your blog.

By the way, if you're going running with your pup, want an extended vacation with our two? They're in the same neglected state... Shaun's not often home to run them and I'm well, HUGE. They'll hang til APril. But poor beasties.

Keep it up, girl! You rock!