Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Resolugoals

(Just a note... as I wrote the post title I caught myself for the 15th time writing 2001. It bugs me to change a year-long habit. Grr.)

There are some things I've been thinking about for this new year that don't quite qualify as resolutions. They are not new goals but rather things I've constantly been striving for, planning towards, or thinking about. So piggy-backing off of the resolutions, I present [drumroll please]....

My 2011 Resolugoals! (just typed 2001 again...)

1. Keep the house gears turning
Since having Lily Mae this has been my biggest struggle by far. I'm always trying to stay on top of things but I find it really difficult. We spend the majority of our time in the den/living room and it really shows. The coffee table in particular is a disaster. Right now on the table are the following: baby book, markers, newspapers, craft ribbon, a constellation guide, a Pez dispenser, unsent Christmas cards (guess those aren't getting done this year), a video camera, a candle and lighter, yarn, remotes, hand sanitizer, baby hairbows, scraps of paper with addresses on them, a box of teething tablets, a Tervis tumbler lid, baby nail clippers, knitting ring markers, and a cloth nursing pad that needs a wash. Yeeeeeah. While the coffee table surely is the messiest place in the house, you've probably already assumed that the rest of rooms have similar trouble spots. I'm not a slob, seriously. Straightening up just hasn't been a priority, but my family deserves a clean, healthy place to live. Or you know...maybe just somewhere to put their coffee cup on the table from time to time. Other areas of weakness include the dishes, Clark's and my laundry (Lily Mae's clothes and diapers are always up to speed out of necessity), and the kitchen floor.
(Update: I started writing this post yesterday. Since then, I've cleaned up the table!)

2. Coupons, Groceries, Cook.
I'm a couponer. I'm not the best and have yet to earn money on items like some of my friends, but I coupon anyway and save a lot of money. I can't stand to pay full price for anything in my cart at the store. So GET THIS: Since I haven't had made the time to coupon, I've unintentionally refused to go grocery shopping. After all, how could I live with myself to walk through those doors with nary a coupon in hand?? And Clark - the sweet man that he is - has offered plenty of times to go to the store for us. But *gasp*, me? The self-made domestic housewife send my hard-working provider to the store because I just can't get my act together to do it myself? Nope, I'd surely fail at life, burst into flames, and disintegrate into a puff of smoke if I allowed him to help me that way. So thanks to my massive pride issues, what have we been resorting to instead? Going out to eat for almost EVERY meal (and spending 3 times what I'd spend on groceries even without my coupons). FAIL.

Coupon. Shop. Cook. Sounds easy enough.
(Update: again, since I wrote this yesterday, I've since gone grocery shopping and stocked the fridge and pantry. And for that and cleaning the table, I did reward myself with ice cream, never fear.)

(This is where I picked up from yesterday...)
3. Pray more
My faith in Christ is THE most important thing I've got. Yes, even more important than my husband or daughter. God deserves my constant attention and thought. I'm coming out of a valley of not having consistent quiet times in the Word with help from an iPhone app. Clark provides sound leadership and accountability for me, and the app gives me daily devotionals and reading plans. I've been keeping up with them daily, so that's good. But to be honest, my prayer life has suffered greatly. When I read, many times it's as I'm feeding Lily Mae in the morning, and when I'm done I just forget to pray. I'm distracted and preoccupied with my own stuff that is not even close to as important as my relationship with my savior. God is worthy of my praise all day long, and yet I can't even make it a priority to have even one quality conversation with him daily. I have to also admit that during these times (this isn't the first prayer lull of my life), I feel overwhelmed by my sin and neglect of God, and I feel ashamed to approach him after such an absence of heartfelt dialogue. This is an area that needs huge improvement, because I have so many things to talk to my Father about, so many things to thank him for, and a question or two. And I'm sure I've got lots of listening to do, too. I'm especially thankful that he really is who he says he is, and that he's given me the gift of grace. What a blessing it is to always be welcomed back into his wide open arms, no matter how long the absence!

4. More water, less soda.

5. Take more pictures & video.

6. Decorate.
We've been in our house for over 4 years and still haven't touched the living room, our bedroom, the bathrooms, the guest room, or the kitchen. I want to make them more "us" with creative decorating and awesome paint. I want to be as proud of the rest of the house as I am of Lily Mae's room. Her room rocks. I'll show you with a video tour of it soon. ;)

Alrighty. It' bedtime, I'm out! That's all for now!

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Christy said...

I'm with you on #3, it seems that when Sawyer takes a nap, I'm doing something to entertain myself and by the end of the day I'm kicking myself for not taking time to talk with God. It is a hard place to shift back into with a baby.