Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tubby. (Pun Intended)

Don't mind me, just look at the cute baby. I was sick and didn't get out of my pjs for the entire day. Don't judge. :P

Shame on me for not posting frequent updates about how Lily Mae's growing/doing (or any updates, for that matter). I know I'm really going to regret that later - I'm already forgetting stuff.

Anyway, she's 6.5 months old already - wow! I'm trying to keep up with my resolution to blog more often, so I'm still going to put off the more detailed update on her. However, she can sit up like a pro now (& has for weeks) so it's time for me to remove the newborn support bar in her baby tub! We took a couple of pictures for comparison's sake...look how big she is now!

Here's her first bath after we brought her home from the hospital. At 2.5 weeks, she was just at 5 lbs. (Water was too cold. Temperature safety duck -aka "censor bar"- was misleading. Lesson learned the sad way.)

And here's the chunkster now! 6.5 months and 14.5 lbs!

We LOVE bath time around here! Of course, when Lily Mae gets one, so do I. I'm shocked there's even any water left in her tub at all when we're done.

Off to bed... later, friends!

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amyB said...

She is so chunky now! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Come back and visit soon so I can pinch those widdle thighs! :)