Sunday, February 20, 2011


Lily Mae goes through teething in a way that I haven't heard about before. Over Thanksgiving, she was teething. She ate every single two hours (for an hour each time) for over a week until the tops of two little toofers showed up on her bottom gum line. They broke the skin, but that was it: they just stayed level with her gums - you couldn't even feel them to run your fingers over them. Then the same thing happened over Christmas with her two front top teeth. Ate every two hours, but this time I could tell she was in quite a bit of pain. Took her to the doc just to make sure there was no ear infection, and nope... just her teeth popping through like the bottom ones. They broke the skin after a week and then stopped. She went back to eating normally and wasn't in pain anymore.

Then rewind to two weeks ago when everything fell to pieces. Bleeding gums, refusing to nurse, overflowing fussiness, "raspberry cries", and crocodile tears until one of those bottom teeth began to creep up! I can only describe it as teething in two phases... can anyone shed any light on that? Totally threw me for a loop since I thought she already went through teething for that little bugger. Now she's going through it again for the one next to it. Sheesh.... I'm glad she won't remember the pain!

And goodness forbid I try to see inside her mouth... she gets SO.MAD.AT.ME. But I tried (and tried, and tried, and tried) and finally got a picture of the pesky chomper that finally decided to show itself!

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Christy said...

Maybe this is why Sawyer eats every two hours.... even at night the past couple weeks. I wish his teeth would just pop out, they are just sitting there at the gumline, grrr. Also, did Lily Mae squirm a lot in her sleep when she was teething?