Sunday, February 20, 2011

February Failures

So, this is why I don't make resolutions. Maybe part of me even rebels a little bit once I make a now that I've made it official then I'm really not going to do it (take THAT!). Here are the updates to my resolutions and my resolugoals.

1. Blog more often: Well, there have been seven weeks since the start of the year, and my reasonable goal was three posts a week. I should have had 21 posts by now. Yup... I've posted five times. That's a little less than 21, wouldn't ya say? Overall FAIL, though I'd still like to post more. If I could blog from my iPhone, I'd blog so much more. I know I can, but I don't like the options I've found so far. Do you have a favorite app for posting blogs from your phone?

2. Tone up and build endurance: Remember I joined a running group to train for a 10K in August? Wasn't able to go even one time. Eventually realized that it was not a realistic goal for my schedule. While I may have been able to attend some group runs on Saturdays, I really needed time to run throughout the week as well, and I just can't. Total FAIL. That said, I've reached my target weight, but since that wasn't the point of the resolution, it doesn't count. Still a nice feeling, though. I may even drop below it, because though I'm not running, I do take care of two babies most days during the week and they keep me moving around all day long.

3. Take better care of Rocky: Total FAIL. So far, anyway. I've got a week to execute a plan before I said I'd start looking for a new home for him. I don't even want to talk about it.

4. Earn for the building pledge: This is the only non-failure of the bunch, but not by anything I've done. We've been blessed! It always amazes me when God provides, even though it shouldn't because he always does. Thanks to some extra money we'll have each month this year, a little smidge of money I'm sure I'll earn, and a monstrously unexpected tax refund, we're gonna make it! Until the pledge is met, we've still got to put our money where our mouths are... but it does feel like a dark, heavy cloud has been lifted. Praise!


1. Keep up the house: Hasn't been perfect but it's been much better. I created chore lists for myself for tasks to be done daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly. While I have yet to implement them regularly, the act of making the lists put little bugs in my brain of things that need to be done more often. Also, we've has some visits from family and friends and started hosting our small group at our home every Friday, so really, the house has to be clean, and has been for the most part! Just don't look at the mountain of dishes in the sink, though. (My two least favorite tasks: the dishes and the kitchen floor.)

2. Coupons, groceries, cooking: There's been some improvement! Small steps.... I haven't been to the store as often as I need to, but when I've gone I've taken my coupons and been successful. And I've been planning out our meals and cooking more often.

3. Pray more: Hmm. Until I read that in the list there, I'd forgotten that I'd written it. This is still a weakness, but I suppose I have been praying more. Not as much as I need to, though, and the time I've been dedicating to it has been less than impressive.

4. More water, less soda: Um, there's been less soda, but not more water. If I can't have soda I just don't drink anything. Well, I did drink some OJ when I was sick, and I had a glass of water yesterday. [pathetic]

5. More pictures/video: Yup! I've done this one! I've taken a ton of pictures and I just need time to go through all of it and share it!

6. Decorate: This one's ongoing, because obviously I can't decorate whole house overnight. I haven't brought in anything new, but I did de-clutter our bonus room! And Clark and I have found some new couches that we really like for our living room - if I can sell our current set then we can get the new ones! Fingers crossed!! (Anyone local interested? Nice black leather couch, loveseat, and chair...they're in great shape but just doesn't go with my "scheme"...I'll give ya a good deal - spread the word!)

There you have it! And when January 1st, 2012 comes along, you'll understand why I didn't make any resolutions. Lesson learned.


Bon said...

i love love love you jess. and i love knowing every detail about your life :) i want to know MORE!!

Christy said...

I was going to recommend my method of drinking more water. I was never a water drinker, and at the beginning of my pregnancy I would only do flavored water and Gatorade. Then I decided that was getting expensive with as much as I'm supposed to consume. So I bought a 32 oz water bottle and make it my goal to drink at least one bottle full a day. It helped me a lot and still does :)