Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let's, like, watch a movie and stuff.

Confession: I sometimes let Lily Mae watch a VeggieTales movie so that I can take a shower. I've been doing it since she was, oh, four months old. Before that she'd get to watch Baby Einstein movies. She likes it and I get to be clean, and about once a week that's worth it to me. So today I was going out to eat lunch with my good friend Katherine and thought it'd be considerate to wash the stink of who-knows-how-long off of myself. Enter Lord of the Beans. She's been doing this super cute thing where she crosses her little legs, which she did right as I started the movie for her. So, I whipped out my phone and took a little picture before heading off for my long awaited shower.

After I finish I always rush right out to make sure everything's still ok with the muffin before I dry off and get dressed. Came out to this:

I think my baby has a little teenager somewhere in that little body. (Legs still crossed, mind you.)

**And it seems as though this little movie-for-shower deal may be over quite soon. Can't really do that with a little one who can go places. Can't you just see her scooting up two more feet and smacking her face on those glass shelves? Or even worse...unalphabetizing my DVD's?? The horror!**

(Totally kidding. Of course smacking her face is worse. Silly that I even have to say that I know that.)


B Nordy said...

Can't you plop her in a little play pin type thing? Don't rob her of her alone time! :P

Christy said...

Ha ha, so cute! I second the pack n play idea.

Genelle said...

She is too cute! Love the little crossed legs!

I hear you on the desperate attempts to get a shower. I started leaving E to watch a movie when he was pretty young too. It kept him entertained while I got clean. The pack n play idea is really if you have one. Or an exersaucer maybe? Little bugger, learning how to move on you!