Thursday, August 4, 2011

An Update! An Update!

Hellllllo! Lily Mae is having a very cranky night (my fault), so while she watches her VeggieTales movie until bedtime, I'll plunk out a little update from my phone. (written sometime in the past week...only now getting around to adding pictures and posting it :P)

LM's first Easter, way back in April, wearing the dress I made (!!) for her

I've been busy! Let's see. Being a mom is totally awesome, and I have a ridiculously easy baby (except for times like tonight, when I decide to "experiment" with the kid's daytime nap schedule and make her grumpy). She turned 13 months old last week - whoa that flew by! Her birthday was in June and we celebrated with a big luau pool party. Lots of friends and family came (over 30 people!) and she was smothered with love - it was a really nice time. I was really humbled by the generosity of everyone involved - the guests who came from all over, the friends who hosted at their home, my parents who helped cook food, and my pals who helped set up....I know a baby's first birthday is more of a celebration for the parents, and I really did feel thankful for it all.

At her first birthday party - she didn't really dig the cake

A week after her birthday, we packed up and boarded a plane to Cancun, Mexico! Our first vacation since before I went into the hospital last May, we really felt we were ready for a getaway. The three of us stayed six nights in a spiffy, all-inclusive resort and had really quality time together. The only downside is that the weather was kind of crummy...I know, right?! Bummer. Now, we didn't have anything like the hurricane on our honeymoon, but being in Mexico while it's overcast, rainy, windy, and chilly is not optimal. We didn't get to go in the ocean even once, and only got to go in the pool twice the whole week. But again - I want to stress that is was a nice vacation, we enjoyed each other, and it was totally worth it. Lily Mae was a trooper and adjusted well to a new crib, sleep schedule, and she really took advantage of the all-inclusive restaurants. She ate like a piggy!

She was really excited about her crib

The view from our room on the day we arrived

Having fun in Mexico on one of our sunny days

On our youth retreat the weekend after Mexico (see, we have been busy!) Lily Mae did come with us camping and was totally awesome, as usual

And back to her for a minute. She's just the cutest - looks like an even mix of me and Clark. She's got his nose and eyebrows and my eyes and hair. She looked like my twin when she was born and when she started looking more like Clark I have to admit I was a little sad. Not anymore! She's totally perfect. She's got a total of six teeth at the moment - 3 on both the top and bottom. She's not walking or talking yet, but she hasn't missed a milestone to date and I don't expect that she will. There's still time - I'm not concerned. She cruises along any furniture around and is a little social butterfly. Lily Mae just loves to make people laugh...she'll do anything! She's super sweet, a great sleeper, easy going, low maintenance kid. And according to her one year well-baby check up, shes a shrimp. She weighed in at 17 lbs. exactly (5th percentile), which is 6 oz less than she weighed at 9 months (she hadn't started crawling yet). Her doc's not too concerned, he just wants to do a weight check which will happen next week. She's been eating like the world's about to run out of food, so I'm hoping she's packed on some weight. I'm still breastfeeding her but only once a day now - she's almost ready to stop completely which makes me really sad. I just love her to pieces.

Muffin most recently, sometime last week!

Well, I'll leave other updates for other posts. Thanks for tuning in after such a long absence!

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