Thursday, September 15, 2011

19 Weeks & Only Days 'Til the Ultrasound

Hi friends! I'm doing well with updating lately, dontcha think? I'm trying to do better. :)

Yesterday I crossed the 19-week pregnant mark, but I never had a chance to upload and share my 18-week belly picture. Clark snapped the pictures and we literally packed up the camera, chucked it and the kidlet in the car, and drove up to Maryland for a visit. We got home yesterday, and now here I am, upload just completed. Here it is!

(For my fellow photog friends...I know there is always a horrible shadow in these belly pictures. I do not have a second strobe to compensate, and we always find ourselves having to take the pictures at night when there's horrible lighting. I'm sorry if it bugs you - you can know it drives me bonkers, too. But this is just for the sake of documenting belly size, after all. :P)

I've been feeling superty duper! I just got my fourth progesterone injection this afternoon and it didn't hurt at all. Last week's shot though - oh my goodness - it h.u.r.t!!! Minutes after the nurse left I called Clark at work almost in tears from the shooting pain - I could barely walk! I was really nervous that it was a sign of things to come for the next 3.5 months. After telling the nurse about it today, she said that she must have hit or gotten very close to the sciatic nerve - well no wonder I was sore for five days. She seems to me to be a very good nurse, so I doubt it was any fault of hers. She changed her placement today and I barely felt it when it happened. Tonight, I can hardly even tell I got a shot at all. All is well. Only 16 more to go. Heh....

I've still been taking my Zofran for nausea, but I'm going to stop tomorrow and tough it out for a few days to see what happens. This pregnancy has been awesome, but even with my first I was able to stop the meds at 18 weeks. I feel like I should be fine now, but there's only one way to find out - wish me luck.

I'm gaining weight, which is good. I'm up a total of 5 pounds now, though my belly would have you believe it was much more. I'm ok with that, because I am, in fact, gaining. I got my first comment from a stranger yesterday: a gas station cashier said that I had a cute little belly and that all my snacks (a Snickers, zebra cake, AND a star crunch...whoops) must be for the baby. It made me smile. And it also made me think that there are few better compliments you can give a pregnant lady other than "cute belly". There's no subtle judgement involved like there would be with "whoa, you're getting bigger" or "you're about to pop!" or "you're that far along? I'd think you'd be bigger (or smaller/rounder/carrying higher/lower/what-have-you)". All those can make a girl feel....not so good (even if you have good intentions). Stick with "you have such a cute belly!". You can't go wrong, I promise.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday....then TUESDAY!!! 5 short little days until the big ultrasound! Until we find out if the baby is a boy or girl! Until Puggle has a real name!! (Assuming, of course, that Puggle cooperates and gives us a good view). I am beyond excited :D And thanks to my weekly Doppler checks with the nurse, I know that Puggle's heart beat is strong and I've been feeling lots of movement. Of course I'm still a little nervous, but I'm a lot less anxious this time around than I was for Lily Mae. (Next Monday night and Tuesday morning could be a different story.) After our immediate family knows the results, I'll be sharing the news on twitter, facebook, and here on the ol' blog! Last night I did have my first dream where I got to the results of the ultrasound - up until now there have been many dreams but they've been inconclusive or I've woken up before getting to the end. I did post a little survey on my facebook wall if you'd like to weigh in your predictions! Go vote!

Thanks always for reading, you guys are awesome! xoxo


amyB said...

Call me silly, but I think the shadow makes it look all cool, and professional. But that's from a very non-photography learned person!

Elise Goad said...

I am still impressed by how small you stay while pregnant...

Lily's Mom said...

Oh Elise, you're sweet. It's early yet....I'm sure if I actually get to the normal end of pregnancy this time, I'll blow up like everyone else!