Friday, September 16, 2011

A Few Things

First, sometimes I think I've forgotten how to take care of a newborn. I'm so used to things now, I can't seem to remember how I used to do even the simplest things, like put a new baby down to sleep. I hope it all comes back to me without delay.

Second, we have two pretty awesome names picked out. Our boy choice is the sane from the first pregnancy. The girl's name has been a challenge, but Clark & I have finally fallen in love with one (but still working on a girl's middle name). I've been a little disappointed that we'll only get to use one of the names right now. But it's not like I'd prefer twins so I could use both names. No thanks.

Third, I forgot to ask you all to keep Puggle in your prayers. Sure we're very excited to know the gender of this baby, but more importantly I want to know that he or she is developing normally and is healthy. Our ultrasound is at 2:00 on Tuesday and we'll go straight to the midwife's office when it's over for my 20-week appointment. So please pray that all goes well and there are no complications.

And lastly, Lily Mae got a cold and then passed it to Clark and now to me. Being pregnant and sick is not very fun, but I'm hanging in there. Please also pray that this bug gets out of our family!

And...I love comments on my posts. They make me feel good. <3


Nick and Kaley said...

i'm still blog stalking you- don't you worry!! ;)

Diane said...

You are always in my thoughts and in my heart. I know juggle will be perfect, just like Lily Mae. One more person to love.

Diane said...

Not juggle....Puggle. Made you laugh!

Lily's Mom said...

Oh Kaley, I'm so happy you're still stalking me! Because I stalk you, too. Both blogs. ;)

And Mom, that did make me laugh. Thanks, love you.

Danielle said...

So when do we get to know the names you've decided on?? :)

Lily's Mom said...

Danielle - You'll know on Tuesday! :D