Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lily Mae: 15 Months Old!

So what if I've never done an update on Lily Mae - ever. You guys forgive me, right?

She's the best kid there ever was, seriously. I could brag about her all day long, but the truth is that I do know that I'm tremendously blessed. Lily Mae is very flexible, laid back, and has been called by many "the happiest baby [they've] ever seen." And that's pretty true! She's a solid sleeper, a great eater, a friendly playmate, and has an all-around attractive personality. We really hit the jackpot when she came along! (Which makes me nervous about little Julee....we can't possibly be that lucky twice, right?)

Now, I'm sorry if I sound like I'm gloating. I know the majority of babies and toddlers have their share of issues, some bigger than others, and many moms and dads of difficult babies have a very hard time adjusting to parenthood. I can't stress enough my thankfulness that she is so easy to take care of, and I don't take it for granted. She may hit a stage, maybe even soon, where my life of peaches and cream is over and I start being truly challenged. So don't resent me for having an easy baby...everyone has their trials at some point. We've just had a reasonably easy journey up to this point.

So that's Lily Mae in a nutshell, since I haven't ever mentioned much on the blog about her personality before. Now to some details about the here and now...15 months old!

Lily Mae with Aunt Bonnie at the Renn Fest

The biggest development recently has been that she's walking! She took her first steps to greet Clark after he came home from band practice one night when she was about 14 months. Since then she's been practicing diligently and though she still tumbles from time to time, I'd call her a "walker" now. She definitely prefers using her two little feet to get to where she wants to go except for when someone's chasing her. Crawling is just way faster for her in those instances, and being chased is one of her favorite games. ("I'm gonna get you......." "Ahhhhhh!!!")

Stomping around.

She had her Well Baby checkup yesterday and her doctor was very pleased with her development. She's very petite, weighing in at just 18 lbs 2 oz (just below the 5th percentile) and measuring 29" tall (10th percentile), but she's staying on the same growth curve she's been on since birth. Lily Mae is a totally healthy little girl!

LM's first pony ride at the Maryland Renn Fest! She loved it!! (sorry for the portrait view)

The kid babbles quite a lot and she's definitely not quiet or shy to "speak," but she still doesn't say many words. We're up to two now: bye-bye (complete with a wave) and hello (but only when she's holding a phone...oops). I'd love for her to say mommy and daddy, but Clark and I really have a hard time remembering to call each other that in front of her. Probably has everything to do with why she doesn't do it either.

She's moved up to the 1 year old walker classroom at church and LOVES it. Maybe it's that she's in there with her friends, maybe it's that the toys are way cool - either way, it's so nice to pick her up after the service after she's had a really great time. I was very resistant to move her up from the nursery because I was sure she wasn't ready yet. Mommy learned something new!

Lily Mae eats. And eats. And eats. I don't understand how her little tummy can hold all the food that she puts down - many times she eats an even bigger meal than I do! Breakfast usually looks like a whole banana, a whole container of yogurt, a handful of cheerios, and a cup of milk. Lunch is some sort of fruit, a veggie (favorites are beans, carrots, and peas), a whole stick of string cheese, a mini nutrigrain bar, and diluted juice or milk. Dinner is typically the smallest meal of the day, but she can still wolf down a whole plate of pasta with no problem. We're not too big on snacks when we're at home, but she knows how to let me know she wants one (she gets crackers or something). Many of you know I spent over half my life as a strict vegetarian but in recent years I've incorporated white-meat chicken into my diet by Clark's request. Clark and I have both tried (and honestly, I really have tried) to give LM chicken and meat, but she just outright refuses it. We'll keep trying, but given my background, I'm not ever going to push it. If she grows up never wanting to eat it, that's perfectly fine with me - I'll just be sure to get her protein and iron in other ways. The only other food she's ever refused are green beans, not that I blame her. And the only other notable thing is about eggs - she's got some kind of sensitivity to them. Oh boy, does she love to eat them; she's had them twice - once at about 10 months and then again at around 13 months. Both times, as much as she's loved munching on them, they've given her horrible, awful, terrible tummy aches and they were.....complicated.....coming out. I've been hesitant to try again and her doctor says to just keep waiting for a while longer. She doesn't seem to have a problem eating things that are prepared with eggs, but gosh.....eating them straight really causes problems.

Favorite activities include putting blocks in a bucket, hammering pegs on her wood block, talking on the phone - either a real one or just play, cuddling with Bob the Tomato, getting chased, climbing the stairs and up on the fireplace ledge, watching Veggietales, being tickled and thrown high in the air, coloring with crayons (gotta get some of those color wonder markers!), reading books, giving kisses, and playing peekaboo. She plays by herself super well but really enjoys having someone to play with. I can't complain, I love playing with her!

At her doctor's appointment

She's still wearing 12M clothes, but I think she's ready to move up to 18M size for her new fall clothes. One benefit of having a really small kid is that she doesn't outgrow clothes as quickly as other babies would! She's been able to wear her current clothes from late spring up until now, and she'll only have to stop wearing them because they're not warm enough for autumn (whenever it gets here....Come on, crisp weather!). I promised her that when she started walking I'd get her some good shoes, so we got her some really cute Robeez mary janes. She still goes barefoot all the time, though. Really, I bought them for the cooler weather when bare feet aren't an option. We got a size up from what fits her right now so that they'd last a really long time and I'm sure they will. Her feet measured a size 3 at Stride Rite, but the shoes we bought for her are 6-12M and are huge.

New shoes!

So...I think that just about covers everything! Since I've been finding some free time to blog lately, I hope to do more regular updates :)

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What a great update. We loved the videos! Miss our pumpkin.