Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lily Mae, Social Networker

I've learned that Lily Mae will stay awake on car rides if she has a movie to watch on my phone, and that saves nap time for the day - totally worth it. If she falls asleep in the car, even for ten minutes, she will not go down for a nap that day at ALL. So she gets to watch her movies and I don't feel bad about it at all.

This afternoon, I set up Veggietales and handed her my phone. We pulled into the garage just in time for me to notice that she had stopped her movie and was doing something else: typing (correctly, mind you, holding the phone and using both thumbs). I don't know exactly her means to get there, but mostly likely she had gone to my weather app, clicked on some kind of 'search' link that took her to Safari, and then managed to share the link through Twitter. But who shares a link without an explanation? So of course she typed out a little caption. I caught her just as she was sending the tweet. I might've been able to stop her, but why would I?

Ladies and gents, I present Lily Mae's first tweet: