Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rock-A-Bye-Bye, Baby: Night #3

Don't know what I'm doing? You can read this post first if you'd like.

I'm still sticking to the plan and it's going well. Tonight went much like last night did - no significant improvement to report. But nothing bad, either, so I've got no complaints. One night at a time :)

Here's what happened:
Lights out, then rocked her for 10 minutes. I thought if I rocked her just a little longer than I did last night that I'd have better luck.
She did well at first in her crib and I actually thought she might just stay down, but after 5 minutes she sat up and asked for me.
When I got her back to the glider, she let me know that her tummy was hurting just a little bit, so it took a little more rocking and cuddling to help her feel better and settle down. But still I only rocked her a second time for 12 minutes.
After 3 minutes in her crib, she had fallen asleep peacefully.

So only 30 minutes total! Still it's not where I want to be, but I'm really liking that bedtime is already not taking as long as it was just a few short nights ago. I may wait to post another update for a few days and summarize the progress, and I won't be linking up the updates on Facebook. So if you're interested to know how it's going, keep coming back to the site to check up (or subscribe with a reader)!

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