Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rock-A-Bye-Bye, Baby: Nights #4, 5, and 6

Don't know what this about? You can read this post first if you'd like to get in the loop.

Night 4: Rocked her for 11 minutes after lights out, then kept a hand on her back in her crib for a few minutes. Took less than 15 minutes total! Definitely went well! I should note, though, that tonight's bedtime was a little later than usual and she was very tired. She also could have even been asleep (instead of drowsy) before I even put her down in her bed, but it was hard to tell. All I know is that once I put her down, she didn't wake back up!

Night 5: This was a really strange night! It still went alright, but Lily Mae gave me some really weird behavior. When I started rocking her she had a very difficult time settling down and showed signs of a mild tummy ache. That's kind of normal for her at bedtime and it passes, but the strangest thing was with her paci. She only gets her paci for sleeping in her crib, and my plan is to nix that when she turns 18 months old in December. But tonight? She didn't want it. She kept giving it to me, spitting it out, and dropping it; it was a big distraction. Every time she gave it to me I just kept it for a few minutes until she'd ask for it back, but the whole random thing was totally keeping her from settling down. Even though she was still pretty awake, I tried putting her down after rocking her for 20 minutes, and she stayed down! It was almost like she was waiting for me to put her in her bed before she fell asleep. She even drifted off without her paci, but ended up grabbing it again after a few minutes. Tonight was just weird. I wasn't expecting this whole paci business so I didn't really know how to handle that and this bedtime transition. So Lily Mae, I know you want to go to bed like a big girl, but Mommy apparently can only handle one change at a time. It all took about 25 minutes total tonight and only one time rocking her, which still isn't bad in my book!

Night 6: No progress (or backtracking) to report, but no strange behavior like last night either, so that's a plus. I rocked her for 10 minutes but she wasn't really settling down. I chose to put her in her bed anyway in case that was what she was needing, but it wasn't. We kind of battled back and forth in her crib for 5 minutes before I accepted that it wasn't working and went back to rocking. We sat for another 8 minutes and she did finally surrender to sleepiness, and after 4 more minutes in her crib she fell asleep. So 27 minutes total and two times rocking her. Pretty much on par for the course, but I do hope we make another step forward soon.

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