Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Viability is the ability of a thing (a living organism, an artificial system, an idea, etc.) to maintain itself or recover its potentialities. And more specifically, fetal viability refers to the ability of a fetus to survive outside of the uterus without artificial support. (wikipedia)
Fetal viability is attained at 24 weeks gestation, which I reached today! (Some medical minds believe it has more to do with the baby's weight, but since there's no way to know what that is for sure, I'm going with the popular milestone.) So hip, hip, horray!! I can't believe that if Julee were born today, at just over one pound, that good medical care would make it possible for her to survive. It's the presence of that hope that is exciting.

I'm still feeling wonderful about 99% of the time. I've been having some moments every now and then where I'm starting to feel a little fatigued, but I'm sure that has everything to do with me staying up too late working on my business launch. I had an appointment with the midwife today and got my belly measured for the first time this pregnancy - 23 cm which was right where it should be. My weight gain is on target, all my vitals are great, and Julee's heartbeat is still going strong. The midwife was very happy and gave me the all-clear for another four weeks. I'll have my glucose screening (yummy) at my next appointment at 28 weeks. After that, we go to every-two-week appointments (we're that close, already??)

We still haven't done a single thing for the baby's room. Probably should get on that sometime. But Friday we're headed to Clemson for a game, so we won't be doing any work this weekend, that's for sure! Before we leave, I'll get my ninth progesterone injection. I've gotta admit, they really aren't bad AT ALL. I haven't experienced any increase of soreness like I thought I might, and even getting the shots still doesn't really hurt. I'm so thankful that God has given doctors wisdom about preventing preterm labor and that he's blessed us with insurance and resources to be able to get the shots! I am putting a lot of confidence in these shots working to keep Julee in my belly until she's fully developed and able to come home with us right after she's born.

In small group last night we were talking about things we were "waiting" on God to provide for us, in an attempt to bring to light any honest shortcomings of our faith. Then we had to share what that period of waiting was bringing out of our character. For example, let's say you're waiting for God to provide a new job for you. During that time of waiting, you might experience frustration or even anger at God for not answering when/how you want him to. (Not that those feelings would at all be justified, or be an example of the faith we should have, but let's be honest - we've probably all felt that way sometimes when we lose our focus.) I shared that I was waiting for God to get me to a full-term pregnancy, but that I have full confidence that he can and likely will do that this time. The waiting, for me, is not so much impatience as it is just living in anticipation for him to do something really, really great, and I'm excited to be a part of his mighty work. Just thought I'd share ;)

Here's the belly picture!

And Oh!! I got a new (to me) car!! A 2009 VW Tiguan....aka a grown-up version of my Rabbit, which I really love. It's got plenty of room for us all including Puggle (and maybe even for #3 in a couple more years) and it has a turbo so, you know....I'm a happy mama. And we got a fantastic deal on it, so Clark's a happy papa, too :)