Thursday, November 3, 2011

The 26 Weeker

As I enter into the final two weeks of the second trimester, I'm beginning to feel the familiar aches and pains of pregnancy I remember from last time. However, a mere five weeks from now will bring me to Week 31...the week I went into preterm labor with Lily Mae. Don't think for a second that I've forgotten, or that I'm miraculously strong enough to not be worried about it. You'd be wrong.

My whole belly is feeling stretched, which obviously is completely true. So what I mean to say is that I just feel like it's as big as it can go; my skin's tight all the time, my turkey thermometer belly button popped out and looks especially goofy, and I can't get full breaths - not because Puggle's taking up too much room in there, but because my skin's just so tight that it won't stretch out enough for the air. I bet in twelve or so weeks I'll look back at this post and roll on the floor laughing at myself. No...literally rolling...since I'll be too round to be able to pick myself up after I fall out of my chair. Someone like Violet Bearegarde comes to mind. ("She has to be squeezed immediately before she's a fairly simple operation.")

Not only is my belly tight and large, but it's starting to get a bit sore on the inside. Julee is She kicks me all day and all night, and my midsection is getting tender. Lily Mae was the same way - I can remember being notably more tired during times when she'd karate chop my insides for hours. I tried explaining it to Clark this way, now that I have the experience to support the analogy: if you were sitting down - just sitting and doing nothing else - but you had to hold a squirming, kicking, thrashing toddler in your lap and you couldn't put them down even for one second, you'd be physically exhausted after just a few hours. Heck, you'd be tired after a few minutes, probably. All that to say: it's tiring carrying around a squirming, kicking kid, whether you hold them on the outside or the inside. 

My back is also starting to ache, but I have a confession to make: I'm sure it has less to do with the pregnancy than it does with not being able to crack it. Yes, I know it's bad and I'm sure to get crippling arthritis and wear down my cartilage and so on, but I am a compulsive back-cracker with no intention to stop. I sleep better at night when I twist my spine into knots and hear the satisfying crackle of internal bubble wrap. It feels.SO.good. But thanks to Big Tight Belly Syndrome, I can't twist enough from side to side anymore to make it happen. I can't physically crack my back anymore. Oh, but do I ever remember the first back crack a few days postpartum from Lily Mae - like being reunited with an old friend. 

Dear Back Crack, 
I look forward to the day we'll meet again. You are dearly missed.
Your Friend, Preggo

I've gained 20 pounds, which is right on target for where I need to be now and where I need to go. Still, seeing that number go up all the time just makes me feel kinda....huge.

And the only other thing worth mentioning related to pregnancy is that I got my eleventh injection today! I'm over halfway there! The shots are still virtually painless for me so I think they're totally awesome. I won't mind them at all for any future pregnancies, either (I'll have to get them for every future kid). That said, it's cool that I've passed the halfway point; even though they don't really hurt it's not like I get some sort of sick pleasure out of being shot up in the bum every week. :)

I have a boatload of pictures and updates to share from the past couple of weeks, but since they're not pregnancy-specific I'll save them for separate posts. We still haven't done a single thing to prepare Julee's room, but I did finally decide on a fun theme with Clark's help. (I know, I know...."Stop blabbing, Jess, and just post the picture!"....Ok, fine.) :P

(Yeah, I think the bump looks kinda weird, too.)

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