Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Photo Blog: Pumpkin Painting

Still pluggin' away at all the photos! Here's part two of our Halloween set. Remember the day Lily Mae picked her pumpkins? Well later that night she got to decorate them! Obviously she's not capable of carving, and I wasn't about to decorate the pumpkins by myself. So, I did a little Pinterest search for toddler pumpkin decorating and came across this post. I thought it was a great idea that had potential to maybe even look kinda decent on our porch. (Most of the toddler ideas I found involved giving the toddler a bunch of stickers and letting them go to town - no, thanks.)

The general steps are: cover an area of the pumpkin with painter's tape. Draw your design and then cut and remove the excess, being careful not to cut into the skin of the pumpkin. Then smother the whole thing in paint and peel off the tape while the paint is still wet. Let 'em dry and seal the paint with spray gloss so they won't smear due to any wetness outside.

Her quasi-blank squash canvases

The Arteest

Carefully designing her masterpiece

(Not gonna lie - this is what she looked like most of the time. She got scared when she saw her hands turn blue.)

Just call her Van Gogh.

Her finished collection. Not available for purchase. This art is mine, all mine!

I actually think they turned out wonderfully, and she had fun doing it - kind of. I thought she would love playing in the paint but she did actually get pretty freaked out when she saw her weird-colored hands. I didn't spray seal the paint on the pumpkins when they dried because it was the night before Halloween and I didn't really care if they lasted beyond the next day. Next up...the big night and costumes!

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