Monday, November 7, 2011

Photo Blog: Pumpkin Picking 2011

I have taken hundreds of pictures in the past few weeks and have been working on them every chance I get - whew! I've been up to my neck in post-processing during almost every nap and after every bedtime. I've got just a couple more events to work through and then I'll be caught up (just in time for Thanksgiving family festivities, of course).

Anywho, the day before Halloween we were finally able to head out to pick out pumpkins at the farmer's market. I had so wanted to take Lily Mae to a real pumpkin patch this year, but it was far away and admission was pretty steep for us parents. She'll still be free next year so we'll take her then when she can enjoy more of the activities they have to offer like the hay maze and obstacle courses. Early in October this particular market had literally dozens of pumpkin mountains, but of course pickings were pretty slim the day before the big holiday. Good thing our little toddler didn't know - she had a wonderful time! It was a crisp day and she just had a total blast falling down running around in the grass and climbing all over the pumpkins. Enjoy the pictures!

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B Nordy said...

I love my little pumpkin poo! I miss you guys......I MUST PLAN MY NEXT TRIP ASAP!