Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Two Trimesters Down

Aloha from the third trimester! I can't believe I'm already this far along.

No, seriously. I can't believe it. Time has flown. I've done almost nothing to prepare for this baby yet - details later. I woke up today feeling a little down, actually. A little weighed down with anxiety about this 28-week milestone. This is the trimester that everything fell apart during my first pregnancy, and while you know everything turned out fine, it easily could have not. I went into preterm labor and was hospitalized at 31 weeks - only 3 short weeks from where I am now. I started the day today feeling pretty burdened with that fear.

But - wouldntcha-know - God lifted my anxiety, reminded me I had nothing to be afraid of, and after a couple hours with my sweet, healthy little girl I remembered that it's all in His hands anyway. I doubt I'll have any complications this time, but even if I do, God was right by my side the first time and I have complete faith that he'd be right there again. This time, though, I get to have injections that at 97% effective at preventing spontaneous preterm labor and I also have the experience to know the early symptoms (of which I have none right now thankyouverymuch).

There's nothing really new from the last update. I'm still having a little back pain, not as much belly tenderness, and about the same pathetic amount of energy. Oh, but my belly is feeling less tight, so that's good! It's getting pretty easy to feel what position Julee's in - she mostly hangs out head down with her feet way up high on my right side, but today she decided she wanted to lay down sideways for a while. The nurse who gives me my shots said my belly even looked a lot different than it did last week thanks to the change in position. We've still got several more weeks before Julee needs to go ahead and decide how she's going to be for birth (but she'd better decide to be head down and anterior or we're gonna have to have a talking-to when she gets out). Did I mention that Lily Mae was posterior (face-up)? It was no fun for either of us, and I'm really hoping to not have to do that again. You hear that, Julee??

Lily Mae has been a little excited about bellies lately :)
Something that really needs to be addressed soon is the whole "preparing for baby" issue. Clark and I have decided on a really fun theme for her room, but nothing exists for it in the retail world so we've got to create it all ourselves. I came up with a color scheme and found a huge duvet cover at a yard sale last weekend in the exact fabric I wanted to buy, so I scored that for just $5! Win! Then tonight I made my second fabric purchase for the window panels and crib skirt, and also picked up some crib bumper pads. (There have recently been recommendations to not ever use bumpers in hopes to reduce the risk of SIDS, so you don't have to inform me. We're gonna use 'em. We follow all the other "rules" to reduce the risk such as exclusively breastfeeding, no blankets or stuffed animals, a ceiling fan, and laying the baby on her back to sleep. But my gosh - if Lily Mae didn't have bumpers in her crib I'm completely certain she would have really injured herself by now. I'm also aware that there are breathable bumpers, so you don't have to tell me that either.) I made my own bumpers from scratch last time and stuffed them with polyfil and they totally didn't keep their shape at all. I'm excited that these bumper pads are safer, easier to wash, and will last. Cool.

We still have a mile-long list of things to do and an even longer one of things to buy. We're in pretty good shape with the little stuff but still have some big things to get. Like, I don't know.....maybe a place for her to sleep. (Thankfully, I did get a great deal on the co-sleeper I wanted several months back, so Julee's not entirely homeless for the first couple months, anyway.) I'm pretty overwhelmed, but I know it will all get done. Eventually. Maybe. There are still a couple things I never got around to in LM's room - making her hamper and recovering the ottoman. Ah well, so it goes. Fingers crossed that by my next update I'll have some progress to report in that realm. Send your creative vibes my way!


Diane said...

I love your blogs. You will treasure these like a diary. This is a great pregnancy. Let's have no drama.

Christy said...

Exciting! We got bumper fillers from Hancock for Sawyer, they are that fire safe and already cut to size. Can't wait to see!

B Nordy said...

YOU NEED A SHOWER! I wish I lived down in SC with you...I'd love to throw one!