Wednesday, December 28, 2011

34 Weeks - Are We Really This Far Along?

I made it through Christmas!! I got to finish everything I planned to make as far as handmade gifts go, and I think they were well-received. Since Christmas Eve, I've gotten in bed before midnight every night and it has been SO nice!! I wish I could say that getting to bed earlier has gotten rid of all my achiness, but let's face it - the quality of my sleep isn't top-notch these days (but I'm still grateful for the rest). Christmas is my all-time favorite time of year, and I love to decorate and celebrate for a good, long time. This year we hardly decorated at all other than some strings of lights thrown on the bushes out front, our artificial tree that sat naked in the corner until Christmas Eve when it got some ornaments, and our stockings that hung on the mantle. On the 26th I was so ready for our house to be back to normal that we just took everything down and put it away. I've never taken down decorations that quickly, so I feel a little bit guilty.

At my last midwife appointment two weeks ago, I asked what would happen if I were 36 weeks and 6 days and went into labor - if they'd send me over to the hospital since I wasn't technically full-term yet. She said that they'd probably just let me stay at the birth center as long as everything was looking good. So ever since yesterday (33 weeks and 6 days) I've been constantly thinking, "three weeks from today I could be having my healthy baby girl in the birth center and I'd have to bring her home with me that day." It's gotten even worse today, since I'll actually be full-term in just three short weeks. The injections I get stay in my system for a while but wear off after about a week - hence the weekly doses. That said, once it clears out it does not mean that I *will* go into labor; some women who get these shots can even go to their due date or beyond. My last shot will be when I am 36 weeks along. My prediction? I think I'll deliver around 38 weeks, but who knows?

The point of all my blabbering?? I'm not ready and I'm kiiiinda panicking about it. We're looking at 3-6 weeks before this baby is in my arms (probably on the lesser end of that range) and we really don't have anything ready. Before Christmas I had plenty of other distractions and projects to work on, but now all I can think about is how little (read: nothing) we've done to prepare for #2 up to this point. Clark assures me that we're going to be fine, and while he's always right about this sort of thing it's still hard for me to grasp that we can pull it all together in time. There is some good news, though! Here are some positives:

  • The crib we ordered (for free!) was delivered today and is up in Julee's room. Still in the box, but it's here!
  • We picked out the paint color for the walls tonight.
  • I ordered the last of the fabric I'll need to complete all of the bedding and room projects. 
  • I sorted through our short registry list for the essential items we'll need before her arrival, and I ordered them today.
  • I ordered some other necessary post-partum mama things that will just give me some peace of mind to know they're ready for me when I need them.

So in the three days after Christmas we have actually started to take some steps in the right direction. I've had our co-sleeper since I was about 10 weeks pregnant and little Puggle will be bunking with us for at least six weeks. Nothing in her room is essential to be completed by the day she's born, so that takes a lot of the pressure off - whew!

I'm feeling decent other than the same old whiney complaints. I had heartburn for the first time ever this afternoon and it left me laid out on the floor like a pitiful, pathetic wimp - seriously. But a few Tums later and I was back on my feet fiddling about town. I've got a midwife appointment and a shot tomorrow so maybe I'll post a little update then, too. For now, here's the picture!

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Christy said...

I was only going to co-sleep for a few weeks, then it turned into a few months, and well, we'll just see when it ends :) I hope you are able to get everything ready and relax before baby two comes. And LM will be such a wonderful big sister!