Friday, December 30, 2011

Updates, Short & Simple.

A post you might like: short, bulleted updates. Enjoy!
  • My midwife appointment yesterday was easy-peasy. I'm doing well, Puggle's doing well, and we've only got one more biweekly appointment left before going to weeklies. My belly's measuring a little small but it's still growing so no one's concerned. (Can you believe my belly is smaller than it should be? I sure can't.)
  • I had my 19th injection yesterday. Only two more to go. I can't even explain what an easy process this treatment has been or how grateful I am that this medicine exists.
  • Lily Mae turned 18 months old on Tuesday! I owe it to her to write a separate post about her (and I will), but in short, she's just totally awesome.
  • We found out some good news at her Well-Baby visit on Wednesday: Lily Mae is finally over 20lbs! She weighed in at 20lb 12oz. She's still in the 5th percentile for weight, but get this: she measured 31 3/4" tall!! The nurse was so shocked at her growth that she re-measured her twice just to check. She jumped from the 5th to the 50th percentile since her 15-month visit. I thought she had been getting a lot taller but I didn't think it was anything unusual. The doc's very, very happy with her development in every area. I'm a happy mama! (Her measurements at 15 months were 18lb 2oz. and 29" tall.)
  • Lily Mae got a potty yesterday! No, she's not ready to potty train and I will NOT push her into it, but I've been told that having a potty around isn't a bad idea. It's used which totally skeeves me out, but I'll sanitize the crap out of it (heh heh) and I'm sure it will be fine.
  • I'm very excited about this weekend - it's the first weekend in literally about 3 months that we haven't had obligations or events to go to. I've dubbed it "Nesting Weekend." By Sunday night, the house will be clean. Every.Single.Room. Maybe not every single nook and cranny, but it will be a zillion times better than it is now. And yes, that really does excite me......the house is that bad that I can't wait to spend three days cleaning.
  • In just two short days since my anxiety went through the roof, I'm feeling better about things. I'm not sure what came over me. I mean, 3 weeks still isn't very long, but I've ordered the few things we really do need before she comes. The rest is just extra stuff that will get done as we have the time and money to do it. I ordered the rest of Julee's cloth diapers (yay!) and pulled the co-sleeper out of storage. The only things a baby really needs are diapers (check), milk (breastfeeding for the win), a place to sleep (check), and a few things to wear (still a bit of a gap there, but we'll get some stuff in the next few weeks). So really, we're kinda ready - no need to freak out. Yay! Her room will come together....sometime.....
  • Clark got promoted a couple weeks ago! He didn't just move up a title - he got boosted up like three levels. He's a Project Engineer now, meaning that he's got his own contracts, designs manages entire projects, and even has people working under him. I'm not meaning to boast, but I'm dang proud of him! He's worked really hard!!
  • I can't wait to post about Christmas! It's coming. Maybe I'll write something during one of my breaks from cleaning this weekend.
  • The Green Jelly Bean is going well! I've never posted about it here, so you might not even have any clue what I'm talking about. Add that to the list of things I need to blog about.
So there you have it! Some sweet and simple updates. Is anyone out there? Leave some comments for me!

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Lauren said...

So glad to hear you guys are all doing well! Happy New Year! :)